Your Inheritance In Christ Is Real, Not Just An Empty Concept



Your Inheritance In Christ
Your Inheritance In Christ

Once you learn how to unlock the door to your inheritance in Christ, you’ll begin walking the straight path with God.  What this means is that you’ll be able to rest in Christ while you trust God for what you want and to attain your goals to daily live successfully and to serve God.

God has placed dreams within your heart to be fulfilled and He’s going to see to it that you accomplish those dreams by making sure that you’re well provided for and confident in His love for you.  The only limitation to God’s desire is your will.  YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS OR TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM.

If you desire to live your most fulfilled life, you can move forward with God and take what belongs to you right now!  Just taking one step toward God begins the process!  If you’re a new Christian, new to the Word or you’re not sure what it means to live God’s will in order to take the first step, I’ve organized all my studies and articles on one page to help you get started with God right now.  Each lesson is designed to draw you nearer to God by living your salvation which will result in your achieving victory thru Christ!  I have three categories of study:

  • Living Your Salvation/Life Purpose
  • How To Use God’s Word For Daily Living
  • Scriptural Healing

For my study page go to the Victory Thru Christ Learning Center.  It contains sections which have links to each index page.  All pages contain many links to dynamic Christian short studies and articles.



If you had been taught as a new Christian how to follow God and stick with Him all the way, you’d be living up to God’s will at this very moment.  But if you haven’t, look at this quote I read recently by Rick Warren who wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller, Purpose Driven Live.

“We are the product of our past but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”



Your Inheritance In Christ
Your Inheritance In Christ

That short sentence says volumes about everyone who is trapped in their past and can’t move forward. I got a late start living God’s will because I had to figure out the process on my own. Until then I understood God according to the church I attended, the way I was raised, my environment and the way I was taught to think about myself.  There were many times I was tempted to think it was too late for me, but thankfully I never gave up seeking God’s will for my life!

Over time, and with consistent study, I was able to discover a life of victory thru Christ! I’ve included much of the information I learned here on this site, however, for a more comprehensive study I’ve created a foundation study that will help you begin right now with God and achieve success in your life from the first lesson by learning how to receive your inheritance in Christ.  You don’t have to wait years to receive God’s blessings, you can learn how to have them by reading this short and exciting Bible study, Successful Christian LivingLearn More