Learn The Scriptural Reasons Why You Have Victory Through Christ Today and Always!

You Have Victory



1 Corinthians 15:57 tells believers, “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  This verse explicitly conveys the reality of believers achieving victory in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  We have to believe this truth by faith for it to help us overcome the problems of life.

It also emphasizes the empowering nature of this victory, encouraging and reassuring believers in their spiritual journey. The gratitude expressed in the verse acknowledges that it is God who grants the victory, and this victory is made possible through our Lord Jesus Christ. What this means to believers is that we receive victory not because we have faith, but because we believe that Christ’s redemption for mankind is real and empowering over all the problems of life. 

Taking Your Victory

This post is a reminder that you have victory daily over whatever is giving you trouble or is a burden to you. It may sound too good to be true, but God’s Word is God’s truth!  As long as you’re a Christian, you have victory through Christ.  If you’re not a Christian you don’t believe in Jesus, therefore you won’t have the faith to experience supernatural victory.  It’s not because Jesus doesn’t love you, it’s because you don’t love or believe in Him. 

However, it won’t mean anything if you believe in Jesus, but you don’t know what Jesus can do for you or how to live it.  Here are a number of reasons why you have victory in Christ based upon scripture.  You can remind yourself of them each time you feel like giving up when things are difficult.

  • You have been made worthy through Jesus Christ.  Never think that you may not be good enough for God to bless you and that only a chosen few are called to serve Him.
  • God wants YOU to do something extraordinary.  He will equip, empower and guide you on a daily basis.
  • God gave you the choice to have victory through Christ.  You either take it, reject it or you never learn that it’s yours.   Since it’s by choice that you have victory through Christ,  you can take it now rather than waiting until you attain a specific level of learning.

Change Your Reality To God’s Reality  

If you’re ready, you can begin with God’s plan for your life right now by dedicating or rededicating your life to God.  If you’re not ready, but you want to be, this site will help you to stop moving in circles and instead find the straight path of success with God.

It’s really true that with God we can do anything, so you can do whatever He tells you to do and not only succeed at it, but “LOVE IT!” I’m going to show you how to focus upon God’s Word and use it to overcome every difficulty holding you back from realizing that you have victory in all things.  Being a Christian doesn’t mean that you’ll never have problems, but once you learn how to trust God, you can turn every problem into a victorious situation.

By God’s grace He will give you dignity and great confidence by lifting you out of the lifestyle that has taken control over your circumstances. Once you’re saved you become a child of God or a new creature in Christ!  You can begin “fresh” with God.  As you take your victory through Christ, you’ll realize great purpose and joy to fulfill the destiny that belongs to you alone! 

Christian Transformation

No more shame if you feel unworthy before God or pain if you’re ill or need deliverance from addictions or bad habits.  Transform your life by the Word of God and it will come alive in you for whatever you need to become or have. God will see you through every moment of your transition to the person He designed you to become.  Then He’ll guide you into a special place of great success whether it be a job, career, business, ministry or service. 

And if you’re a person who sees your life already great without God, think about this.  Someday there will come a time when you’ll need to call upon the Name of Jesus Christ for His supernatural ability to heal you, guide you or deliver you from something human ability cannot overcome.  Consider that God is greater than your mind, your talent and your experience.  This is because he created you and everything you are today. 


You can be assured that you have victory. You’re blessed with confidence and success. As you take your success by faith, you’ll overcome, receive what you need and fulfill God’s plan for you.  Believers should praise God daily, and glorify Him to others through life purpose which God has for every believer. 

Always remind yourself that you have victory through Christ, especially when things seem to be going wrong.  I can tell you from experience that when you do, things will turn around in your favor.  You can be tested to give up, but if you stick with Jesus and rest in Him, you’ll always have VICTORY!

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