Part II Of The Women Who Met Jesus Series By Lucinda Weeks


Women Who Met Jesus Series
Women Who Met Jesus Series

I’ve been reading a series of books by Christian author, Lucinda Weeks that are absolutely breath-taking!  I’ve completed reading Part II of the Women Who Met Jesus Series titled, “Veronica – The Woman With The Issue Of Blood” and I wanted to share a part of my review (see below).  For the complete review and many others, you can go to    I also posted about Part I.  Go to “The Adulteress” to learn more.


A Beautiful Story About Love, Courage and Faith!

Great Historical Fiction and the Bible are once again combined in the new story Veronica: The Woman With The Issue Of Blood, Volume II of The Women Who Met Jesus Series by Christian author Lucinda Weeks.

Just imagine following Jesus and His disciples moving through vast crowds of joyful people praising and thanking God as He forgives all sin, heals the sick, lays hands on the maimed to be whole and shares the Word of God to enthralled audiences. Then all of a sudden Jesus stops, realizing the virtue is gone from Him and a woman falls down at His feet! The author so vividly recreates that electric moment when the woman with the issue of blood reaches out and touches Jesus’ garment in desperation and in faith to be healed! It felt as if I was right there in the presence of Jesus as a witness to this spectacular event!

This exciting story reflects the creative imagination of the author who tells the story of what may have happened to the woman with the issue of blood from Luke 8:43-48 to cause her endless condition and her need to be healed. The story is shared with great sensitivity and compassion as the main character, Veronica, transitions from the life of her dreams to a vulnerable woman who finds herself in one desperate situation after another, including the shocking loss of her husband and then her children. With each new disappointment of her life and each new loss she suffers, I couldn’t help but participate in the story to determine what I would have done or what Veronica should do next. I felt her joy, I agonized with her pain and I cried with her during her greatest moments of triumph!   Continued to read at:

I highly recommend Veronica – The Woman With The Issue Of Blood by Lucinda Weeks!  -Margaret