How To Become Wise In Christ

Be Wise In Christ


To be wise in Christ, include Him in all that you do and you’ll have much peace, joy and prosperity over your life. You can do that by acting upon God’s Word as you learn it.  Transform your thinking with God’s thoughts (Isaiah 55:8) with actions following and you’ll see great changes in your life for success.

Read Philippians 4:7-8. God not only tells you that you need to transform your mind in Romans 12:2, but He tells you what to fill it with in verse 8 of Philippians Chapter 4.


How To Be Wise In Christ A Little Every Day

Becoming a success God’s way will make life easy for you instead of difficult because God will empower you to accomplish whatever you need to do in Christ. He is always there for us with guidance, encouragement, mercy, compassion and His uncompromised truth. And He has given you the greatest gift of all; the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.  Through His work on the cross, we have eternal life and great blessings that provide abundant living.  John 1:29 (hover over verse).

As the Lamb of God, Jesus gives us the peace of forgiveness so that we can always go before God and know that we are worthy to receive whatever we ask of Him. Jesus is our glorious Shepherd who takes care of His sheep with a depth of love that brings new beginnings and great purpose.

Jesus is the one to listen to, follow and give your life to because He loves YOU and will never lead YOU astray. He will keep you by the Holy Spirit from following the wrong path or bad advise.

So let’s follow Him every day!  It’s easy.  There’s no need to become overwhelmed.  Here’s the recipe to daily become wise in Christ.

  1. Choose Take two or three verses each day or every other day that refer to something you need to learn, become or have.
  2. Meditate upon them.  If you have to work, or you’re very busy, that’s okay.  Choose your verses at night when you go to bed or in the morning. When you have free moments during the day, paraphrase them and say them out loud if possible or silently if you’re around others.
  3. Act on those verses right away.  Make them a working part of your life.  Don’t wait or you’ll forget about them.


Follow these 3 steps to become wise in Christ and you’ll never have to envy or emulate others. You’ll discover your true identity in Christ with confidence and great purpose. You’ll be thankful and free as you begin to shed the weight of problems and burdens by giving them to Jesus.

You don’t have to be a follower of men that will limit your ability to be somebody in Christ. All you have to do is think God’s thoughts and allow them to lead you to your most fulfilled life.

Let Jesus lead you to the kingdom of God, a place that all the money and power in the world can never purchase.



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