Every born-again Christian has the privilege to become a champion! Through his Son, God has given us victory over the world, flesh, and the devil. So you don’t have to walk in defeat anymore. 

Although this is an unquestioning truth, we see something completely different when looking at some of God’s people today. We see failure after failure! One major cause of our failures is that we are being raised believing that we must be continuously indulged and pampered. We have learned to make excuses or point the finger at someone else.  

Winning Starts with You by Orlando Pompea reveals to you how taking responsibility for your actions will drive you to the top. By applying the principles taught in this book, your life will never be the same again. Purchase Details For

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July 18, 2019


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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Orlando Pompea, author of Winning Starts With You, begins the first sentence of his book’s Introduction with a powerful message that claims all born-again believers can become champions. But that’s not all. He also says that in Christ we’re victorious over the world, flesh and Satan. What an amazing message to embrace! Our victory is through Christ’s victory! Believers are empowered in Christ to be champions and victors in life as the outcome of Jesus’ work on the cross, so we’re already successful even though some Christians aren’t living that lifestyle.

Orlando explains why success can elude many Christians in one word: Responsibility! Many times, we don’t take responsibility for the things we want to have or become by making excuses. However, he says that this age-old problem can be corrected by looking to the empowerment we have in Jesus Christ to attain what we need. For example, studying the Bible to draw nearer to God or taking courses to excel in a specific career or business.

The process is easy, but the author recognizes that it can be difficult for people to break bad habits or to stop blaming others, the past or even Satan for their mistakes. I felt the author’s desire to help Christians recognize this problem throughout the book with clear and concise writing and chapter organization that keeps readers on the path for taking responsibility to accomplish their dreams. He gives examples from well-known persons of the Bible with scripture to help Christians recognize if they aren’t taking responsibility for what they need to do because of excuses or believing that they have no control over their behavior.

The last part of the book teaches Christians how to use the Word to take responsibility for the most important aspects of life such as growing in Christ and in the areas where one needs to excel such as career, life purpose, business, money, marriage and relationships. Christians learn that they must also take responsibility for receiving God’s blessings and His empowerment to receive them. Reading the Bible only isn’t enough. We need to act upon what it says for whatever we need to have or to accomplish it.

Winning Starts With You is a great reference for all Christians and a great source for discovery and development of life purpose. It defines life purpose and identifies how to achieve it for personal ministry and for one’s greatest fulfillment. We’ve all been told throughout our lives to take responsibility for one thing or another, but this dynamic little book walks the reader through each step to become a champion in Christ.

About the Author

Orlando Pompea, born in June 1973, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Gods Rivier Pontbuiten, a church that is located in Paramaribo, Suriname. He operates and functions strongly in the teaching ministry and is known for his radical lifestyle and no-nonsense preachings. With more than thirteen years of experience as a Pastor, he writes not merely theories/book knowledge, but things he himself has learned through life experiences.

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