Spiritual Success Gives Birth To Outward Success

Spiritual Success



Developing spiritual success is the path to greater faith and success for goal achievement. This type of faith is what we need to move the hand of God on our behalf.  It’s the only way we can grow in Christ and live by God’s Word.

Outward Success Begins From The Inside

We must perpetuate God’s Word daily to make it a reality in our lives. Doing this creates a strong confidence that we can have what we say by faith before it is physically manifested. This certainty establishes the ability to complete all tasks and projects with a mindset of success that leads to the conclusion we desire.

Having this confidence will develop in us strength and boldness instead of fear. This is especially helpful when facing difficult situations because we will have clarity of mind to know how to make the best decisions and how to listen to our hearts for God’s guidance when we don’t know what to do. So spiritual success should become a quality that we develop to get us through all circumstances.

The Development Of Spiritual Success

It’s really not a mystery, as many Christians think, how God develops us into a people capable of victorious living. After all, He created us in His own image. God does not create “second rate” anything, especially people because there is nothing “second rate” about God. He is the creator of all things and He creates perfection. It is the world that taints His perfect work.

The way to begin success development is by looking to your heart or spirit because this is where you communicate with God. He is your guide by the Holy Spirit. He will show you what to do, how to do it, where to do it, when to act upon an idea, how to successfully work with others, when to speak up, when to be silent, how to trust others, how to raise your family and all other important “need to know information” for general living when you don’t have the answers.

How Does This Work?

Let’s keep it simple if all you have time for today is to read this mini study and not get to the Bible Studies. I want to make spiritual success an idea for now that will stick in your mind as a possibility that God has made available to you.

What does that mean? Am I saying that God might guide you or He might not?

Absolutely not! But I want you to think about the fact that God has made all of His blessing available to everyone, and the way to receive them is by taking two initial steps or meeting two scriptural conditions before you can move forward. Those are:

1. Receive salvation (Romans

2. Receive God’s blessings (Mark 11:24)

Notice the word “receive” was used in both conditions. This is because we have a “free will.” God makes available what we need and want, but it’s up to us to “receive” His blessings by our own free will or by our choosing. So if you don’t have a certain success quality in your life, you can “receive” it if you want, but God will not “force it” upon you because it is not possible for Him to override your “free will.”

So if you feel that God has blessed some Christians more than you, you’re wrong. You can be blessed too. Perhaps some people get a better head start in life with a great family, financial prosperity, success, and the ability to make wise and intelligent personal and business decisions; but all those qualities can be acquired by you, even if you started off without them and others.

How do I know this? I have my own experience to attest the truth of my claims as well as many other Christians, but going beyond that, it’s really a matter of what God tells us in His Word. We should always look at what God’s Word says about us, not what people say. God’s Word has life and as we read it and meditate upon it, we will achieve spiritual success to develop successful thoughts, words, and actions for an outer success.

How To Receive Spiritual Success

Take time to read St. Matthew 6:25-34 and you’ll see that God provides everything we could ever want or need. Then He tells us in Matthew that all we have to do is knock at the door and the door will be open to us.

How do we knock on the door the right way to actually receive?  By Faith!

Hebrews 11:1 tells us what faith is and Jesus tells us that we were all given the same measure of faith St. Mark. So we come equipped with the faith tools we need to move God’s hand on our behalf to “receive” His blessings.

We can’t understand faith with human reasoning as many believe. It is a spiritual action that brings what is not seen from the spiritual into the physical world to us.

By letting our faith take over without having to analyze what makes it work, it will work for us quickly so that we can move in line with God’s Word for spiritual success for whatever we desire, whether it be for a character change or to obtain something tangible such as money for example.

Once again, think about how faith works from our end:

We can’t analyze faith, we must just accept with trust that what God says is true. Act on that fact and you can have what you say. If you do, you’ll be living out God’s spiritual success for the rest of your life.

How can you easily identify the God kind of faith?

1. To believe in God, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, you had to have this type of faith because you could not see them spiritually. You had to believe from your heart.

2. If you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, you believed with your heart (by faith) to receive your salvation.

Spiritual Success Comes In Many Forms

Success isn’t just related to getting answered prayer for “stuff” It can also be for a joyous life, peace, good health, safety and protection. To have confidence in God’s Word that He is “keeping you” protected, safe and in good health will give you the peace and joy to live each day in a state of thankfulness. This is true success, the kind that is deep down and that no amount of money can buy.

The best life is where you can sleep peacefully every night and rest during the day from any fear of harm. God protects us and our families when we trust Him with our lives. So believe that He will watch over you and that He will help you find ways to get you through your difficulties or whatever circumstances you might be experiencing or will experience in the future.



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