What Has Been Will Be Again

By Russell Nickel

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Solomon warns in Ecclesiastes that although people don't recognize it, historically civilizations have struggled with the same types of sins that result in repeating the same mistakes. 

Solomon also points out that what most people fail to recognize is that the cataclysmic events recorded in the Old Testament such as the Flood, the Exodus, and the destruction of Sodom, were literal events meant as prophetic pictures of cataclysms repeating themselves again.  

  • What Has Been Will Be Again brings clarity concerning these Old Testament events, creating a path to understand what God wants us to learn from them.
  • From the beginning of the book, the author leads his readers on an exciting and unique journey of Biblical revelation that will prevent deception and the eternal consequences it brings.

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Highlights Of What Has Been Will Be Again

Bible History Is True

Believing that Biblical history is true teaches how to overcome past failures.

Satan's Stategy Of Deception 

Learn Satan’s primary goal and what it includes to prevent his deceiving you.  

Living God's Truth By Faith

Believers must activate God's Word by faith to live it and know what God is saying.   

What Has Been Will Be Again Book Information

  • Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
  • Publish Date:  October 29, 2018
  • Pages:  364

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Straight away What Has Been Will Be Again by Russell Nickel leads the reader on a refreshingly honest and exciting journey back to Old Testament days.  It weaves together the stories and scripture of the past with the New Testament to reveal future events and interpret current times according to God’s will for mankind. The body of his work based upon scripture and the vast amount of research he gathered over many years of study work together to prove the integrity of Old Testament stories and Bible characters. The author’s writing is so well organized he makes it easy to follow him throughout the many historical events highlighted for a greater understanding of the Bible and to insure greater learning retention.

     One might ask why the author went through so much effort to prove what Christians should already know and believe, but sadly many church leaders and their congregations don’t regard the Bible as the complete and infallible Word of God.  I know this because I’ve moved many times in my lifetime and have found it difficult to locate a Word-based church in many communities. False doctrines based upon societal changes have insidiously replaced God’s truth in many churches resulting in a loss of eternal life in Christ for many. It’s this very reason that led the author to take on this arduous and challenging task believing He was led by God to do so.  I for one am thankful and filled with admiration for his obedience to fulfill this project.

    With a better understanding of the stories from the Old Testament coupled with Bible prophesy we’re better able to understand what God is trying to tell us individually and collectively within the church to avoid confusion about the present and future. Currently there are many political and social challenges based upon lies and hate that have caused many to question the Bible while calling it a book of hate and evil because it doesn’t promote change according to Hebrews 13:8. Yet we also hear the opposing view that takes scripture out of context to prove that the Bible supports abortion, infanticide, open borders and many sins that are clearly stated as such in the Bible.  The confusion Christians face is endless without knowing God's Word!

   How do especially new Christians find clarity in all the confusion created daily? What Has Been Will Be Again arms readers with a comprehensive guide to understand current conditions based upon Biblical history and wisdom. It provides believers with whatever it is they need to know from the information given. For me it’s learning how to best center my prayers for country and mankind outside of personal prayers for myself and loved ones.  It can be confusing in times of unrest to know exactly what to pray about without knowing God’s will for the current times.  When I pray, I expect to receive from God, but this can't be possible if what I want goes against what God’s will requires.  

    Also, for many years, I’ve wanted to learn more about the Book of Revelation, based upon the truth rather than opinion or man-made doctrines.  What I didn’t realize is that it must be studied along with the stories, scripture and prophetic information provided in the Old Testament.  What Has Been Will Be Again makes a complex study easy to follow and understand.  As the author says, “discernment of scripture comes only through diligent Bible study and prayer.”  Throughout the book he details or highlights information in context with relevant passages of scripture to build faith by proving that His teachings are based upon God’s Word.  

  I highly recommend this book for all Christians.  It teaches subjects such as Christ’s second coming, how to be sure of salvation, what the antichrist will be like, what is God’s plan for Israel, what happens if you’re not saved after the second coming of Christ and so much more. Get What Has Been Will Be Again so that you can get with God’s plan!

What Has Been Will Be Again Video Synopsis

Learn About The Author, Russell Nickel 

Russell Nickel

Russell Nickel is 57 years of age, and he currently resides on a small farm near Aline, Oklahoma. Mr. Nickel has been married to his wonderful wife Ginger for 33 years. They have two beautiful daughters, two great sons-in-law, and they have four grandchildren.

   Russell attended Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas and NWOSU in Alva, Oklahoma, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree. Russell was active in sports during his younger years, competing in four years of college baseball as a pitcher. Mr. Nickel is currently employed as a Park Manager at Great Salt Plains State Park near the small town of Jet, Oklahoma. Russell enjoys living the country life, hunting, fishing, and being outdoors enjoying God's amazing creation. He also enjoys reading and studying the Bible unlocking its many truths and mysteries.

   Mr. Nickel has discovered through years of study and research, the Bible must be a book authored by a God operating outside the dimensions we know as time and space. All of God's creation bears witness to His majesty, wisdom, and His intelligent design. This intelligent design proves His existence and His amazing love for all people. Mr. Nickel believes because of this undeniable evidence, the truths and warnings contained in the Bible should be taken seriously by all people.


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