What Happens After Death

By Reverend James Casimier Jr., Th.D.

What Happens After Death Summary: 

This book represents a unique, revolutionary and biblical perspective concerning the events and the timetables related to death and the grave. Much of what is revealed in this study does not confirm to what is believed by many denominations and religions. To address this concern, this book is filled with supporting scriptures throughout each chapter that should leave no doubt as to the veracity of its claims

An Important Book For Believers or Non-believers 
  • What Happens After Death serves as a guide for how we should live to enter Heaven rather than hell.
  • Know how and when everyone on earth will be resurrected to Heaven.  It may not be what you think but the Bible gives a clear understanding.
  • Readers receive the true reality about what really happens after death to better share the Gospel and the result of not accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.   

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Highlights Of What Happens After Death

Based Upon Scripture

The message of the book is based 100% upon scripture rather than opinion or false doctrines.

About Resurrection 

Learn the Biblical truth concerning when we are resurrected to eternal delight or eternal damnation. 

About Judgement

Understand the Biblical truth and reality concerning every individual's time of judgement with the Lord. 

What Happens After Death Book Information

  • Publisher:  CreateSpace Independant Pub. Plat. 
  • Date Published:  08/22/2018
  • Pages:  44

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

If you desire to go to heaven or you fear death, the new book, What Happens After Death by Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr., Th.D., answers the questions most people have about what happens after they die.  The book is based upon scripture, but would I say that it’s a book exclusively for Christians?  Emphatically not!  This short study is rich with Biblical truths that dispel false teachings on the subject as well as common myths that have lingered over many years and believed by Christians as well as non-believers. The message is so powerful, I believe it will make believers out of many who are skeptical about Christianity.

   I was moved by the importance of the author’s teaching and the Biblical misinterpretations he highlighted that can lead believers away from salvation to a destiny of eternal misery and punishment. With information about death based upon the written Word, we become empowered to have assurance of salvation and know that we will be resurrected to heaven rather than hell. God has given men and women a free will to choose their eternal fate, so everyone has a choice to study, research and investigate God’s Word and trustworthy sources for assurance of Salvation. I believe What Happens After Death is a unique and enlightening source of teaching that cuts through the confusion about death by bringing Biblical certainly that it is not the end of our lives.

   While the Bible gives a clear account about what happens to our spirits, souls and bodies after death, the study organizes this information together for easy referencing and learning.  I felt guided through the process of death, which is impossible to relate to without a witness or first-hand account. While it’s possible for someone to return to life after death, it’s still vital that we seek the Word to know what God has to say about the subject. This is what I feel makes What Happens After Death a reliable source for study.  It’s doesn’t rely on discussions or stories and accounts concerning life after death experiences that people have recounted and written books about.  While we can learn from some of these stories, we need to look to scripture as the last word and seek teaching from Christian leaders who have spent much of their lives successfully serving the Lord and living the Word as Rev. James Casimier, Jr. has done.

   As an author, his writing quickly establishes Biblical fact over fiction concerning important Biblical topics about what happens to every person after death. Its message runs deep with information we should all be taught such as when we are resurrected to Heaven or hell, when God’s judgement over our lives takes place and the truth about whether people can be saved after death. By breaking down popular misconceptions and confusion about the existence of hell and heaven I believe he has widened the scope of possibility for many Christians to take hold of their salvation with a strong grip while becoming enabled to better help save the lost.

   I was excited to read the book because its message is rarely talked about, even in Christian circles. Yet the information is so vital if we want to know the truth of God’s Word for life as well as death. Thank you Rev. James Casimier, Jr. for your sincere message that I believe will help many people avoid an eternity separated from God’s presence.  I highly recommend What Happens After Death for people of all faith backgrounds and beliefs. 

About The Author

Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr., Th.D.

Dr. Casimier received his Doctor of Theology from Christian Bible College of Louisiana. He served at Christian Bible College for 14 years as a professor of Missions, a professor of Pneumatology (The Study of the Holy Spirit) and a professor of Homiletics (The Art and Science of Preaching) 

Dr Casimier is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. He has been married to his wife, Bernie for 48 years. They have been blessed with two children and two grandchildren.
Dr. Casimier has been blessed to serve as the pastor of the Galilee Baptist Church in New Orleans for the past 20 years.
Dr. Casimier has published two other books, both of which can be purchased on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.. The first book is I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ and the second is How To....? Both books contain 40 sermon outlines that are contemporary, alliterated and expository.

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