What The Bible Says About Wealth and Poverty.

Back To Eden

By Dr. Simon Thiessen

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Back To Eden / biblical perspective on wealth and poverty

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Back To Eden / biblical perspective on wealth and poverty

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June 17, 2016 For All Versions 


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A Look Into How Financial Status Affects Our
Lifestyles and Treatment Of Others...


At A Glance

What Scripture Says About Money

Become enlightened about what the Bible has to say about money and how to regard the money we've been entrusted with as God's stewards.

Compassion For The Less Fortunate

Enlightenment for achieving the qualities that produce a spirit of giving which go beyond one's financial ability and material wealth.

How To Draw Closer To God

Back To Eden draws believers closer to God through the author's academic research, Christian theology, and universal human emotions on the subject of taking action over apathy concerning the Biblical doctrines of compassion and giving.

About The Book...

For those who seek to deepen their relationship with God and to better understand how His teachings encourage compassion, generosity, and open heartedness, Back to Eden not only provides the academic and scriptural foundation to accomplish this, but it also weaves each lesson through a prism of human experience, allowing these teachings to be understood and identified by any who are willing to learn. 

Through deep analysis and thoughtful consideration of theological literature and select scripture, Dr. Thiessen’s work weaves a story that aspires to educate, enlighten, and inspire. Learn more about what the Bible has to say about wealth an poverty.

-Book Review By Margaret Lukasik Coming Soon-

I’ve just completed reading a significant Christian book titled Back To Eden by Dr. Simon Thiessen which shares what the Bible says about wealth and poverty. His extensive academic research and relevant scripture teach that living God’s true purpose concerning money, wealth and poverty instead of centering upon wealth leads to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. Therefore, the result of transforming our characters to center upon God opens the heart to fulfilling the needs of others with the money and possessions He has entrusted to us.

Having a Godly attitude about wealth and poverty, according to scripture, not only fulfills the physical needs of people, but more important it produces greater Christian and church growth. There is also the possibility of sharing Christ with the poor through the fulfilling of their needs to God’s glory which perpetuates the endless cycle of blessing that occurs when we give through Jesus Christ rather than for self-glory.

Back to Eden brings unity between God and man, emphasizing that Christians must make Jesus Christ Lord of their lives as well as Savior. Christ died on the cross to save mankind, and there is nothing we can do to add to His work on the cross. However, Dr. Thiessen proves with scripture that we must take action with Christ by making Him our Lord and following Him. We are to take part in His rest and the abundant lifestyle He offers which gives Christians the ability to feed the poor and go wherever God leads us without fear of poverty or harm because we look to God as our provider and protector rather than looking to ourselves.

In conclusion, I recommend Back To Eden as mandatory reading for all Christians once they receive salvation or become a new church member. The author’s studies begin with the Old Testament and continue through to the New Testament with a clear picture of God’s Plan for mankind which has been significantly altered by a worldly ethic of putting money and material wealth before God. We see this confusion in many Christian churches where worldly ideologies concerning wealth are preached instead of Biblical doctrine.  However, the more we follow Christ, the more we desire to be faithful stewards of the money and material possessions we accumulate, and we also become more aware of those in need. I believe this information will help to transform many churches to become unified in Christ to better serve their communities.

About The Author

Dr. Simon Thiessen is a lifelong educator and academic theologist.  He holds a PhD from the California graduate school of theology and has done graduate studies at Fuller Seminary, Lutheran Seminary, Princeton Seminary, Regent College, he also has a B.A. and B.E.D. from the University of Saskatchewan and a M.A. degree from Wheaton College Graduate School.  He lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with his wife Dorothy. Back to Eden is his first book.

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