Waiting Upon God Is A Must To Fulfill God’s Will and Purpose For Your life


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Waiting Upon God Article
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Waiting upon God is something a Christian does throughout their walk with Him. Many times God shows us things that He wants us to do by the Holy Spirit but we don’t always get a clear or complete picture.  So we act upon the information we can be sure that God wants us to do now and wait upon Him for all information we’re not sure about or sure about the timing.

Waiting upon God for His will or purpose for our lives is a continual process.  But we also hear specific information to do something at a certain time in obedience to God that will accomplish something that God desires.  God uses us to help other people, to get specific things done for people and to accomplish things for the sake of the Kingdom.  However the information in this lesson is concerning God’s will to live the purpose He has for each Christian.

Many times God will shows us things He plans for us to do, but we have to wait upon Him for the right timing.   So when we hear from God, it’s wise not to rush into acting upon His instructions.  Take things slow to be sure about what you have heard.  Write things down to keep a reference of what you have heard to compare it with future information and with God’s Word (the Bible).  Sometimes we may think we have heard from God but we have to always keep in mind that God will never tell us anything that is not found in the Bible.

It’s also important that if someone tells you they have heard from God, don’t just take there Word for it.  Do the following to keep from moving out of line with God’s plan for your life:

1.  Compare it with God’s Word, the Bible

2. Seek God’s guidance to be sure that you receive the same information.

The above steps are important because when we begin to listen to what others say instead of God, we can become confused and easily pushed into doing the wrong things that may bring us harm or will cause us to move in the wrong direction.  This can also result in our wasting time and effort and may set us backward in our progress with God.

A Christian friend of mine had someone tell her “God said that you are to help me with my plan and help me finance my business instead of what you’re doing now.”  Not only was this a dishonest means of getting my friend to help with her own project that was not of God, but when my friend tried the product she said it made her feel sick, so there was no way she could endorse it with all honesty.

We can never trust anyone who tells us they know what God wants us to do and that we should do it.  Someone who is close to God will know that what they tell you is something you must turn over to God in prayer to insure that you are following God’s path.

Be patient with God and wait for as long as He wants you to wait for anything.  In the meantime, let God lead you into the best preparation you will need.  Let God change those things in you that work against His purpose for your life and His will in general and let Him replace them with a refined character that will help to prepare you for His plans.  We’re not always able to fulfill our position immediately because we may need God’s training. But that doesn’t mean we just hang around and wait. We let the Holy Spirit guide us for preparation.

This is where the fruit of the spirit, patience, comes in play. We must “wait” or be “patient” with God, moving forward only as He leads us. And while we are waiting we are to remain close to God in the Word and in prayer so that we can hear from Him or be able to recognize the opportunities He has for us.

Waiting upon God keeps God at the center of your life!

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