Victory Thru Christ News That Will Be In Affect Shortly For Our Subscribers!


Victory Thru Christ News
Victory Thru Christ News

I’ve made this site easier to use for the Christian information you need and I’ve been adding great features that will be available shortly!  It took some time, but everything is complete.  So if you’re thinking about subscribing to become a part of our Christian community here at Victory Thru Christ we believe you’ll find it beneficial to your Christian growth by living a successful life in Christ.

First I’ve decided to bring back accepting prayer requests.  Anyone who has subscribed is welcome to get on our prayer list. When I pray for myself or others I do so with the belief that I’m going to receive answered prayer so I’ve organized my “prayer request section” to teach others how to pray with me to receive before making a request.  It will only take a little time, but it will be worth it in order to insure answered prayer.  Go here if you have a prayer request and you wish to begin the process.

Second, I’ve added an “inspiration video section” to help develop faith for answered prayer.  I’ve used healing for the example but any need can be substituted.  I’ve actually created two sections.  For the “Just Keep It Simple” video courses I and II I’ve included the passwords below if you wish to watch them.  The other videos are for inspiration and they can be watched without passwords.  I’ll be adding to both sections as I get time.  Go here for the 2-Part Course and here for the inspiration videos.


My husband and I are working on a series of weekly Podcasts that will focus upon successful living to receive all types of healing and to cover any need.  If you’re interested please watch your emails for the announcement.  We’re getting closer to the opening date.

Membership Site

I’ve created a membership site that will be ready shortly.  It’s going to offer great benefits and I’ll be placing my 5 Minute Video Messages there for you to conveniently view for learning and building faith whenever you need.  The series is centered upon healing, but I’ll be touching on subjects that members would like addressed.  I also hope to be able to chat with you if you have a question within the members area.

All of my members are going receive amazing discounts on my studies and courses, but everything else within the membership area will be free.  I hope that you’ll want to join our Christian community!  We want to make it a place for you to feel welcome and where you can grow in Christ. Once I’ve completed my “Key Of The Cross Course” I’ll make the members area available.  I have a couple of videos to complete for that.  If you join now, I’ll keep you updated with the changes!  Use the blue form at bottom left.

In Christ,
Margaret and James Lukasik