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Your Spiritual, Mental, Physical Health and Well-Being Has Been Our Priority Online Since 1999.

Jesus' Work On The Cross...

Over 2,000 years ago our Heavenly Father sacrificed His Son on the cross because of His tremendous love for all mankind.  This is how much God loves you!  And, because of Jesus’ obedience to the Father, you’re able to live abundantly in Him (John 10:10). You don’t have to live in sin, sickness, poverty, chaos, frailty of mind or be a victim to anything or anyone who tries to overcome you!  You have victory in Christ today and forever (Luke 10:19)!  

Since 1999 I’ve been sharing my Victorious Christian messages to insure that as many Christians as I can reach live in the authority they’ve been given in Christ. Each message unfolds God’s tremendous love for all given by grace, and they teach how to receive answered prayer now! 

For instance, my son is in the Philippians on a job for a month and while there he was visited by his fiancée. She called me today crying that because of the coronavirus there is a travel ban that would prevent them from leaving the country. We prayed for a miracle and I assured her that God would take care of them. An hour later they were able to make arrangements to return to their countries in a few days. God always answers prayer, but we sometimes don’t expect to receive. Learn to build your faith and trust in God with my weekly Victorious Christian Messages. See below to begin receiving them now.  Or if you don’t wish to receive emails, get our Push Messages from your browser.  Click on Victorious Christian Messages. 

Victory Through Christ Christian Online Learning

About Victory Through Christ

The site is authored by Margaret Lukasik who has been serving the Christian community Online Since 1999

Free Studies

Discover free studies on this site created to enhance your church Bible studies. Find a variety of studies that focus on self-help for healing and life's difficulties and challenges.

Learning Center

Christians all over the world are suffering from sickness, disease, depression, poverty, domestic abuse and more. Our Online teaching center helps Christians overcome now in Christ.

Margaret Lukasik

Weight Loss

Weight gain is one of the largest reasons many people experience poor or bad health. The Bible offers a solution and I teach that solution free within the Learning Center.

Book Promotion

Christian promotion for books and services that fit my site to give my visitors a variety of Christian information and to also give Christian authors and their books more exposure.

Please use the contact link at right to share your testimony, request prayer or to learn more about the Victorious Christian Learning Center.

For those of you who are a part of my teaching community please use the convenient chat box I’ve included on each page on the lower right corner.  – Margaret Lukasik 

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If you’re a visitor, please contact me on my communication page.  Click here.

The Victorious Christian Online Learning Center

The Victorious Christian Learning Center was designed to offer rapid Christian growth that enables students to take their authority in Christ for successful prayer and living. Develop a strong foundation Of Christ and see results now! 

There is power in praise! It assures us that what we need or want we have ‘right now’ while drawing nearer to God simultaneously. This is an active resource within the center that teaches how to worship with God. 

Join our learning center and study from any device from wherever you are. The video, audio and text studies are easily accessible from one page once you sign in. New studies, videos, prayers, audio lessons, courses added regularly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s very easy. Go to the sign up page. You’ll receive an email to automatically sign in.  Click here to sign-Up.  I’ll be able to help you if necessary.

There is a small, one-time-time fee. I will eventually charge a monthly fee in the coming year. The current life-time fee also includes any new materials plus the foundation course, all of my studies, video, audio, Holy Spirit lab and praise training and more.  

While I’ve written the information for all Christians, even new, one must be saved before they can take the training.  This is because the Word can only be fully understood  by becoming the new man in Christ when saved. I’ve written an article to bring clarity to the action of receiving salvation. This is a spiritual action that can’t be mentally or physical discerned. Click on receive salvation to learn what to do based upon scripture.  It may be helpful to visit a Word-based church for assistance.   – Margaret Lukasik 

God is our healer and because the Word never changes, he continues to heal spirit, soul, body and mind.  Click on my healing article page to learn more or join the Victorious Christian Learning Center.  

You don’t need to take our training to draw nearer to God.  You can do this by learning God’s Word and living it daily. It’s not possible to feel close to God when our lives oppose His Word. Go here to read an important article written to help Christians love growing closer to God day by day.  However, do find a Word-oriented church.

Victory Through Christ Features

Margaret Lukasik has written many classic articles and Studies based 100% upon God’s Word.

Jesus Christ Focus

Christian Victory Posts, special announcements and techniques for successful living.

Experience the fullness of Christ.  Take dominion over your life today!  

Victorious Christian Series

Solve Your Specific Problem In Christ

Purchase the series separately or get it free in the Training Center.

Reviews From Christian Authors

Victory Through Christ promotes Christian authors whose books themes are relevant to our site.

Victory Through Christ Review

Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr.

Margaret Lukasik is a godsend. I engaged her services to promote my most recent book, What Happens After Death. Everything about the transaction went beyond my wildest expectation…”  Continue Reading….

Author of I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ

Victory Through Christ Review

Author and Speaker Gary Milner

“Margaret Lukasik provides a priceless service to Christian authors for very small fees.  When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own website! 

Author Of Slaying Life’s Dragon’s and Beasts

Victory Through Christ Review

Pastor Ewang Nelson Mfortaw

“Thank you so much! I am so glad to have met you. You’ve shown great love for God as I have not found in those so called great men of God. Thank you because you worked with me like Christians do. God bless you! I also hope that we will continue collaborating in Christ. You sincerely love God…”

Author of The Spirit of Revival

Victory Through Christ Review

Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr.

“I have used Margaret’s services on a number of occasions, and in each and every instance I have been more than pleased. As a Christian author it is often difficult to promote my efforts, but a great place to start is with Margaret. She knows the marketplace and has an established reputation…”  Continue reading here.

Author Of The Plot To Kill God 

Go Be The Light...

Victory Through Christ presents two of many sources of encouragement to spread the Word and pray for others.  

Victory Through Christ Review

Light Up The World – Pray For Others! 

We can share Christ’s light wherever we are and in places we can’t reach through our prayers. I learned this from Pastor Steve Byrens, the author of The Cure – Prescription For Life. His book, based upon the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12, shares encouragement to share the Word and pray. For prayer, go to: Prayer Of Agreement   

Victory Through Christ Review

Author Sylvia Huffnagle 

If you are looking for straight talk about what God says and/or about what the Bible really teaches, please check out Sylvia Huffnagle’s website:  Syliva is also the author of many Christian books which you will find on her website and a series of articles written to help Christians grow in Christ.   


Victory Through Christ Christian Learning Center

Jesus Christ shed His blood for all to be saved!

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