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While Christians are renewed in Christ, we must live that life to experience the benefits no matter what is happening around us. We are not victims but victorious no matter what is happening!  

Thank you for visiting. My name is Margaret Lukasik. My favorite enjoyment is to share God’s empowering Word with other Christians and nonbelievers alike. I’ve written many Christian studies and articles on this site that teach how to take authority in Christ with unshakable faith against any difficulty, including troubled times.  

We must stand together in the face of fear, violence, chaos and hatred. The good news is that Christ’s work on the cross has made believers a new nationality in Him (1 Peter 2:9), no longer divided by the worldly assessment of a person by race, skin color, financial or social positions. Sharing that truth can lead many to Christ and into God’s kingdom.  

In Christ we can overcome fear by planting seeds of God’s empowering Words within the heart. However, you are the one with the ultimate control as to what seeds are planted within you. Let them be seeds of the Word and not the world.

– M a r g a r e t  L u k a s i k,  S i t e  A u t h o r

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Don’t let the fear of sickness, violence or chaos ruin the ABUNDANT life that Jesus has given freely (John 10:10).  Christians have authority in Christ to overcome anything. Sign-up for the 3 steps to make the enemy back down IN ANY SITUATION! 


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Christian Empowerment Salvation Study

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. –Isaiah 55:8    

We need God’s thoughts for guidance and healing to overcome the enemy who has come to steal, kill and destroy according to John 10:10.  Christians must be equipped to overcome, bind and loose and stand in the gap for God’s will to be accomplished in America! 

How Do New Christians Receive Clear, Common Sense Answers To Help Bring Understanding To The Scriptures?


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Soon I’ll be re-promoting the new version of my classic, 5 star ebook, The Path To Victorious Christian Living.  Make sure to sign-up to learn when it will be ready.  Keep up with my news if you’re interested.  I’ll practically be giving it away.

Why am I promoting this book again? We need to share the Gospel and share with other Christians how to overcome in times that have brought fear to people. With the threat of having no police protection, having our Second Amendment rights taken away while criminals are let out of prisons there are many people feeling vulnerable and filled with fear.  We need to help others stand in complete faith that we are safe and protected while God takes care of our every need.  

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Author Sylvia Huffnagle 

If you are looking for straight talk about what God says and/or about what the Bible really teaches, please check out Sylvia Huffnagle’s website:  Syliva is also the author of many Christian books which you will find on her website and a series of articles written to help Christians grow in Christ.   


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