Victory Studies and Courses For Christian Growth, Scriptural Healing and Life Purpose


 I’m excited for our growth and I’ll now be working full-time to create Victory Studies in various forms to enable Christians who desire to grow in Christ easily work with their schedules to achieve successful Christian living.

I design my Bible studies to take effect in a short time as long as Christians follow the scriptures with me as I share them.  I’ve read and talked with Christians who teach and share with others that Christianity is a very difficult road to travel.  They believe that if they’re not straining to live by God’s Word, then they’re not giving their full measure of obedience to God.

Christianity doesn’t have to be painful because it’s a blessing.  Working hard to make God’s Word a reality is a dead work.  By working hard, we’re looking to ourselves for success in Christ and we can’t do it! We can only succeed with God through Jesus Christ.  When we look to Jesus for fulfilling God’s Word daily it takes us into what He calls abundant living.  We need to keep God’s Word simple.  The evidence of our hard labor in Christ takes Christ out of our faith, leaving us to believe that we have to work hard daily to please God. It’s wasted work because we’re the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.

Since God sees us through Jesus Christ, we don’t have to be good enough to please God in order to be blessed. However, we do need to be committed to living His Word daily. This is the work we do. This means not being slothful in life, but taking care of daily business, our families and careers according to the Word. We do it all in God’s love and joy, not with stress in order to be good enough for God. My victory studies will show you how to effectively learn God’s Word for the kind of transformation that will help you grow in Christ daily without feeling tired about it, but energized!

What can be hard is the persecution the Bible says can occur in our lives because we follow Jesus, but as we count it all joy to serve God, we can pray for those who persecute us and continue serving God in joy and peace.  Here’s a video about the studies on this site which are always growing.

About The Victory Studies and Lessons:


Victory Studies and Lessons Begin With The Key Of The Cross Study.

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