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About Victory Online Studies 

As the site author, I'm excited to share this new element of reaching out to the Christian community with my message of living victoriously. 

Now, for new Christians and Christians new to the Word, I've created studies that will give you the spiritual boost you need TO MAKE YOUR SALVATION COME ALIVE!  I've created the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge for general spiritual growth and add-on studies that teach how to use God's Word for specific areas of need such as losing weight or getting out of debt God's way.  

Learn how the Victory Ministry teaching works, how to begin and what it means to you.  I've created an atmosphere of learning and worshiping God in a way that creates the positive outcome you're expecting. 

Victory Online Studies Mission Scripture

Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways
higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Every Christian is responsible to follow God's ways and thoughts to develop a successful Christian lifestyle, but it's difficult if you don't know where or how to begin. This is why I created and designed...

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge!

The Study Is Designed To Get You On The Right Path To Begin Your Journey...

What path and what journey am I referring to exactly?  All Christians are responsible to live their salvation, not just accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and then stop at that point!  If they do, the world will overtake them and rob them of God's blessings.  Salvation is only the beginning of your journey in Christ and I'm going to show you how to get on the right path with Christ and stay on it using scripture!  When you do, you're going to learn how to walk with Christ successfully to take dominion over your life and to become victorious over every obstacle and problem.  Based upon Romans 12:2 you're going to experience great Christian transformation.

Learn to live your salvation by growing in Christ Jesus Daily!
You'll learn to overcome whatever comes against you!

What Is The Most Crucial Element Of Faith
That You'll Learn So That You Can Receive From God?

Dear Christian Friend, you need to believe that God not only exists, but that He is always available to you, ready to share His love with you and to always answer your prayers.  However, He can't help you unless you learn how to trust Him by the kind of faith that accomplishes all things.  If you can't trust God, then you can't believe that He'll deliver you from your problems and prosper your life, take down strongholds or bless others because of your prayers. 


What You Can Expect From This Life-Changing Study 

You're Going To Learn How To "TRUST GOD" In The Midst Of Whatever Is Happening To You, Around You Or In The World.

By taking the study you'll receive access to the study area which is a place where you'll want to visit often.  It's a place that welcomes you, makes you feel at home and that will open your heart for accelerated Christian growth.  The Bible is simple, but many times we complicate our learning because we try to understand it based upon our experience, intellect and sense knowledge.

The studies, video and audios will take you straight to God's Word by eliminating all unrelated information and experience.  This is what makes the lessons exciting and effective and it will allow you to realize and use your authority in Christ Jesus that all believers have!  My life has been saved more than once because I took hold of my authority in Christ.  That includes a recent event of someone trying to break into my home when I was alone.  I took my authority in Christ and that person not only fled from my home, but he kept yelling that he was sorry while he ran!  

While some prominent television personalities comment that people are crazy when they say they hear God's guidance, they're only undermining the Word of God because they look to the world instead of the Word.  Even Christians can deny God's ability in their lives because they haven't been transformed by the Word.  This means they won't have the assurance as believers to overcome difficult situations and problems in Christ--even though it's their kingdom right!

Trusting God allows His Word to guide us, warn us and empower us to overcome whatever tries to come against us.  This same trust enables us to do those things we could never do alone while it keeps us in a protective bubble that cannot be penetrated by evil!

I'm going to show you how to trust God immediately, even if you feel resistance from your heart.  You'll learn to overcome anything holding you back from God's best in a way that will help you see God without the world, your problems or life getting in the way!

My desire for this study and the other studies available in the Victory Online Studies is to develop Christians in a short time to create a foundation of Jesus Christ from which to build their Inner Growth and Strength for greater Biblical Wisdom and Faith.  These elements are at the core of knowing that God answers our every prayer. 

Just because my message is about having victory in Christ Jesus doesn't mean that I'm free of problems and everything runs smoothly every day.  I must use the same information I teach to stand firm on the Word and trust God to bring me victory.  Sometimes it can appear that everything has been pulled from underneath my feet, but I remain fixed in the Lord and on top my circumstances while I trust God to turn what appears negative into a great blessings.  This is something all Christians can do.  

Examine The 7-Day Christian Challenge Experience:

1).  You'll begin the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge study (text) to take your authority in Christ Jesus and move forward in Him for success and victory!  

2). Use the Bible Study guide that works with the study to keep you on the path to victorious Christian living daily for the rest of your life. 

3).  Take part in the exciting actions that personalize the lessons so they can come alive for you and cause the kind of changes only the Word can make.  

4).  Enjoy the daily Praise and Worship time to open your heart for each new study along with the many free, life-changing tools which are easy to use. 

Step-By-Step Classroom Preview

  • Once you enter the classroom, you'll receive everything you need to begin the Victory 7-Day Christian Growth study based 100% upon scripture. 
  • You'll achieve a foundation of Christ so strong that you'll learn to rest daily no matter what struggles you experience.  The short videos based upon the lessons build faith for inner strengh and growth.  
  • Because I want you to succeed, I'll be there for you if you need me at no extra cost!

The Study Is Designed For New Christians and Seasoned Christians

I've created studies for Christians from all walks of life, but I'm offering you more than studies.  I've created an organized center of learning, worshiping and taking action with God using simple steps that all lead to consistent Christian growth.  I copied the atmosphere I received when I attended ministry school at Cottonwood Church in Southern California. It was a beautiful time of Christian learning with daily praise and worship.       

And, you can begin with God where you are right now in your Christian walk and then continually move forward throughout the studies and study aides provided.  The lessons are easy to follow for even new Christians and Christians new to the Word with audio and video for greater clarification.  And remember, I'll be avialable to help you if you need my assistace at no cost!

I created the audio and video enhancements to give more impact and direction for your personal situation. The Victory Ministries environment is all about YOU and it's designed to be easily personalized for your situation or ned!  

I've been writing instructional information materials for 30 years and I've been writing Christians studies and courses since 1998.  I know what steps you need to begin with God and to continually be blessed and be a blessing. 

Although, I've been a late bloomer with God being saved at age 9, yet not studying the Word until I was 27 years old with many problems, I was able to begin the transformation process with God.  I was in the mist of the busiest time of my life with a young family, but somehow through my difficulties I learned to live God's Word -- but it took too many years because I had no one to help me.

You don't have to wait years to grow in Christ.  In fact, you'll grow much faster from the first lesson than I did in a few years because I've organzied and refined what I've learned for myself and others. 

We're all acountable as believers to learn the Word and live it as we learn it!  If you've been putting off God for any reason, including a busy schedule, I've made it easy to help you follow Christ and walk with Him daily.  My studies are all based upon scripture and they were designed to help any Christian accomplish living God's Word and living the benefits it offers in a short time that can snowball into a lifestyle of daily victory and freedom!  

Joining The Victory Online Classroom will cause you to take action and receive from God or experience the intended result you need from Day 1.  You'll be off and running with God in no time by watching your life proceed in God's direction for your blessings, and you'll create a strong foundation of Christ Jesus for further growth in only 7 days or longer if your schedule is busy.  However, in order to insure that you get the best results, I'm also offering two study Add-on packages that teach how to scripturally overcome problems where people have most difficulty in life.  See below.    



Money, Good Health and Weight Loss.

I'm offering my two most valuable study packages that together are worth almost $40.00.  So that's a huge savings for you if you're looking for permanent solutions to these difficult issues in life for the cost of the one study.  You'll be armed with the right solutions for what you need rather than suffering and living outside of God's blessings.  


The Christian
Weight Loss Project

This package is worth $19.97.  

The Christian Money Growth Package

This package is worth $19.97.

Were You Left At The Altar Aftering Receiving Salvation Wondering What Comes Next But There Was No One To Help You?

Many people are heavily pursued by Christians to receive salvation, but once they're saved, that person has moved on to someone else to get them saved.  Some Christians were called to save souls, but they're not always equipped to build a strong foundation of Jesus Christ within the hearts of God's people.  This is where the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Study can help.  If you're saved but have never learned how to live your salvation you need this study!  

Church membership classes are fine, but how do you ward off the attacks that come to new Christians while you're trying to live a Godly life that you know little about, or you're experiencing temptations from your past life and the people in it are tempting you to walk away from God.  The pain of this emotional torture can be unbearable, but it be overcome by learning how to let the Word of God come alive within your whole being for victory.

If you were saved yesterday or 50 years ago and didn't progress past receiving eternal life, I'm thankful that you're saved, but I want to take you past that point.  And, don't think because you're older it's too late!  It's never too late with God!  Never!  I was a late-bloomer with God and didn't begin reading my Bible until I was in my late twenties. But I didn't really come to understand the scriptures until my early-thirties, and even then, I didn't know how to overcome some of my most difficult problems that were holding me back in life and with God.

Now is the perfect time for you to get started with God by living your salvation rather than feeling as if there is more to Christianity, but you don't know where to begin. The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge was designed specifically for you!  The small, one-time fee covers everything you need for this dynamic foundation package to accelerate your spiritual growth plus the FREE Add-On Study Bonuses if you order now. 

The ultimate goal is to develop a strong foundation of Jesus Christ that will make God's Word come alive in your life as you continue to growth in Him.  All you supply is your Bible, but I've already included many study scriptures.  Follow the lessons day by day and it will lead to your taking authority in Christ over all that comes against you, others and your country. 

You're going to achieve the dominion over your life that you need to keep from being tempted to follow the world and the sin it perpetuates.  You won't have to fight temptations, you'll follow Christ instead as you fully mature the New Man In Christ that you became when you were saved.  The package also includes a corresponding Bible study, The Path To Victorious Christian Living, video and audio lessons, video affirmation confessions, active assignments, and daily praise and worship designed to work together to build in you a strong foundation of Jesus Christ for transformation and empowerment.   

As I've said, The 7-day Christian Growth Challenge Package is purchased only one time. It's a 7-Day Study that includes a friendly, loving atmosphere.  If you have a busy schedule, you can take as long as you need.  This is currently a life-time classroom enrollment but this can change at any time.

Don't Sit On The Fence Of Christian Mediocrity Any Longer! Get On The Path To Victorious Christian Living! 


Join Today To Insure That You Get Lifetime Enrollment!

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