The Victory In Healing Should Cause Us To Celebrate and Lift Our Hands In Praise!


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God’s loving heart is always ready to unlock the door to your receiving whatever you need and that includes healing. Yet so many Christians are unable to receive this blessing because they are told in their churches that God doesn’t heal today or that God heals some people and not others. God does not discriminate. He is willing to heal us when we ask, but we have to believe with our hearts to receive.

I thought I would share this short article by Pastor Bayless Conley who recently needed healing and received it when his life was on the line due to a boating accident. He enjoyed victory in healing so he knows about holding on in faith when ill or injured. When in his area I enjoy visiting his services with my husband.



Bayless Conley On The Subject Of Victory In Healing

There’s a good chance that as you read this you… or someone you love… is struggling with an illness. If so, I want to encourage you to not lose hope. It is easy to do, but let me encourage you, hang on to hope!

It’s an interesting thing among Christians, how we tend to look at healing. We can be in a service and one person will lift a hand in response to a salvation invitation, giving their heart to Christ, and we say, “Man, it was a victory! It was all worth it for one person getting saved.”

But when it comes to healing, if one person gets healed, no one celebrates that as a victory. Often we will wonder, “What about all the people who didn’t get healed?” We tend to use a different math for one problem than we do for another problem.

When one person gets healed, it’s a victory and we ought to celebrate with them and thank God the seeds of His Word were sown into the hearts of others. As we rejoice with the one, it reminds us that the potential is here, right now, today, for us to be healed by God as well.

More than ever, our world needs to know about our compassionate, sin-destroying, burden-lifting, disease-healing Savior, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And that’s why I am so grateful for your support, which helps us broadcast this Good News around the globe. We must tell them He is there for them, desiring for them to be healed and made whole.

I praise God for you!

In His grip,
Bayless Conley

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