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7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

Greetings!  Thank You For Joining Me! 

This Page Explains How to Obtain and Begin The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training Within The Victorious Christian Training Center.   

No matter how much we know about the Bible there is always more to learn.  Therefore, I make it a daily goal to keep in step with the Holy Spirit so that I can remain on the path to victorious living in Christ Jesus!  To have you on that path with me makes the journey more exciting and special, so I hope that you'll join me.  See below for what I hope to share with you.    


The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge is the the main study or Master Training Study that can be taken alone or with other studies.  It's the foundation of all my studies because it develops a STRONG FOUNDATION OF JESUS CHRIST WITHIN THE HEART in a short period of time for greater and rapid growth of God's Word and to receive answered prayer.  This study will make all your Bible studies come alive!  WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO TO LEARN MORE...

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

Every Christian Needs To Transform Their Life In Christ According To Romans 12:2.  Receiving salvation is only the beginning!  We need to make Jesus Christ our LORD as well as our SAVIOR and that is what the Victorious Christian Training is about! Today, with so many false profits and even politicians making up scripture or using scripture out of context to prove their political positions, we need to be armed with God's Wisdom and truth. If we're not, we can easily be turned away from God's truth, and worse, our salvation if we allow our Christian beliefs to be tainted by progressive societies.  The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge will train you from within to do this and to become victorious over personal problems you can't solve on your own. 

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training


Christians Are Considered Evil By People and Groups All Over The World Including America, But, Praise God We Are New Nation In Christ and Together We Can Overcome That Conversation With God's Love and Truth!

Christians are a new nationality In Christ and empowered as overcomers for personal living, family, church and country! God hears our heartfelt prayers even when we're separated from one another.  Our collective prayers based upon scripture create the kind of changes that create blessings, freedom and peace! 

We can go into the world and God is going to insure that we can accomplish His will no matter what our skin color, heritage, physical attributes, education, upbringing or failures that we've experienced.  We can all live under the same roof of God’s kingdom as a people who are not identified by race, family background or ignorant worldly standards, but as empowered followers of Christ Jesus. We are brought together and identified as God’s children because of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christians are a new nationality in Christ.  PRAISE GOD! 

1 Peter 2:9 “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”

Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: 

Learn how to live as the new creature in Christ you became when you received salvation.  You are a victor in Christ and you need to live that reality every day! This unique training will form in you the identity of an empowerd Christian who can daily take authority over your life and circumstances in Christ!

Be Healed, Succeed In Life and Serve God!

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

Healing Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul

Become empowered!  Take your authority in Christ to overcome sickness, disease, depression, poverty and more. 


Give Your Worries To Jesus and Rest

If you're not living by the principle of resting in Christ by giving your burdens to Jesus, you're working too hard in life. 

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

By The Blood Of Jesus You Are Free

You were created in God's image to succeed, but you must learn how to think His thoughts and live by His ways.

Christian Growth Challenge

Stop Moving In Circles; Pray To Receive

Stop going back to the same problems.  Learn how God's Word will come alive in your life for change to live victoriously. 

All Training Is Based 100% Upon Scripture From The Bible

If you're ready to make rapid and lasting changes from the inside out to become victorious in Christ, life, ministry and business, begin this study today.  You'll realize the peace of Jesus Christ from Day 1 as you learn how to rest in Him while you trust unconditionally that God is working on your behalf for whatever you need, what you need to become or to serve Him through your special calling. 


  • Offer No. 1:  If you're not sure about the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training,, try Day 1 and the Holy Spirit Lab for only $2.00.  You'll get it back if you decide to continue.  Order Now
  • Offer No. 2:  Receive the full package.  Get all of the "Victorious Living Studies, The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Course which is the foundation for all the studies and will insure God's Word will work in your life, ifmth he first package for the training is the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training, video and Audio studies and training, The Christian Weight Loss Training, The Christian Money Growth Package, worksheets, prayers for specific needs, enhancements and new information added on a regular basis.  Use what information will help you best to attain your spiritual, mental and physical goals.  This membership is lifetime.  New materials added regularly.  

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Offer No. 1 

The Victorious Christian Study Trial Offer

One Day: $2.00

Offer No. 2 

Victorious Christian Training Center 

One Time: $49.00

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge, Weight Loss Guide and Christian Money Strategy For Financial Growth Are Only Part Of What You'll Receive For A Lifetime!

The Christian Weight Loss Project 

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training

By centering upon scripture and good health, you'll let the fruit of the Spirit work in your life for your perfect weight at this paritucular season of your life.  Learn and put to practice the 3-Part formula for allowing God to heal your body with good health, healing and weight loss.  For the study only, Learn more

The God's Financial Plan Package

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training

Look to God for debt relief and money growth.  God's financial plan is an important part of every believer's Christian growth.  Learn to look to God for your money, and as you put Him first, you'll watch it begin to grow as you get out of debt!  For this offer only without the Master Training, Learn more.    

Achieve Christian Business Success! 
Get "Doing Business  God's Way"

By taking the 7-Day Christian Growth  Challenge Master Training...

Together We'll Plant Seeds Of God's Word Over Your Life For Phenominal Christian Growth and Empowerment!  

Your PROGRESS in Christ to attain your spiritual or physical goals is going to move you forward with God as you learn how to turn your problems over to Jesus.  The Bible lays out a path for success and right now you're on that path to begin!  If you're ready, let's walk that path together!  I may not be physically present with you, but I've written the information as if I'm with you all the way. And if you need me, I'm just an e-mail away or many times I'm present for immediate assistance.  I have a chat box at the lower right side of each page. 

While all the studies and courses are designed to be personalized for your needs, it's important to acknowledge that God's Word is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).  This is why my teaching will never be based upon what the changes in the world teach, but instead what the living Word of God says! 

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Best Wishes In Christ,
Margaret Lukasik

The 7-day Christian Growth Challenge
Victorious Christian Learning Center

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