The Victorious Christian Living Series
By Margaret Lukasik

God Is Still Healing Today!  He Will Heal You From Within Of Anything That Has Come Against You, Plagued You Or Has Overtaken You!

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Christian Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Each lesson will develop you in Christ with understanding about how to victoriously live the Word daily!  Learn from the first lesson how to overcome difficult problems and rest with complete trust in God.  More

Christian Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Many Christians overlook three simple steps that lead to Godly living and great blessings. You'll be surprised what they are, but I'm sure you'll recognize them!  Follow each and see what happens to your life!  More

Christian Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

There is no need to follow the wrong information, people or make bad decisions. With 3 easy steps you can heal the confusion that is keeping you from making the right choices based on God’s truth. More

Christian Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

All Christians can develop great faith for answered prayer! Learn different forms of prayer and how to use each. By learning specific prayer and faith principles one can be blessed and become a blessing.  More

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Understand the oneness of God and the difference between God The Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Knowing this information is vital to to successfully work with God for daily living and ministry.  More ...

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

God has a great purpose for your life which will bring your greatest fulfillment. Our best achievements come when we center upon God and live His will. Learn how to discover and develop your purpose. More

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

God's empowerment plus practical knowledge is the combination you need to fulfill the difficult goals you can't achieve on your own. The author walks you through your goals for success.More...

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Use scripture as a guide for success in business, career or ministry by using God’s business strategy for success and for further business development. You'll also learn how to balance God, family and work for peace and fulfillment! More ...

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Learn how to allow God's Word to free you from the desire of spending beyond your means.  Learn how to increase your money according to scripture and get out of debt while you increase your money. More

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Learn how to look to God for weight loss and allow Him to heal your spirit, mind and body of the problems keeping you in a state of overeating. Attain your best health and weight rather than dieting and starving. More...

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik - God's Prosperity Warnings

This study will heal the vulnerablity of believing the “prosperity preachers” who teach Christians to center upon money rather than centering upon God first.  Avoid being scammed and you'll remain in Christ! More

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Learn how to quickly get your product, message or information known on the Internet.  Learn how to use free tools to get the relevant traffic needed to grow your audience for little or no money.  More ...

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Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

Healing Studies by Margaret Lukasik

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Get into the presence of God to keep your weight loss goals fixed on Jesus.  When you do, you'll understand that by looking to good health and healing, you're opening the door to allowing the Holy Spirit to break the difficulties that are keeping you overweight.  Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Word will see to it that by faith our health problems will be healed in Christ. Learn how to understand your body from scripture for weight loss.  You can do this free by combining it with The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge for healing specifically for weight loss. 

Weight loss is one of the most difficult problems for some people, but money is another difficulty for many.  This bundle is also free when you enroll in the Victorious Christian Learning Center. The God's Financial Plan Package will take you on an exciting journey back to the Old Testament and forward to the time of Jesus to teach you how to build your money upon a strong foundation of Jesus Christ while you ENJOY A PRACTICAL WAY to work with God for getting our of debt and increasing your money. Along with the study for healing your financial problems God's way, you'll also receive all the relevant studies, guides and the Financial Freedom Course I developed from my use to get out of debt years ago to help you organize your money and spending. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Does God heal in these current times?  

I understand why many people, including Christians, have difficulty believing that God is still healing today because they see little evidence.  But don't bring God's Word down to the level of human experience or societies' unbelief in God.

A : Our Heavenly Father is Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals!  The Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever, so, yes, God is still healing today and I am proof of that that truth.  I've been healed by using faith in God's Word from cancer, arthritis, negative attitudes (the result of generational sins), financial difficulties, chronic weight gain and so much more. 

Q : Are the Christian studies by Margaret Lukasik based upon scipture?

Christian studies without God's Word lead to "self."

A : The studies are based 100 % upon scripture and my experience using it.  I have helped others use God's Word to overcome their personal problems which in some cases have differed from mine, but God's Word will heal or overcome any problem, sickness, disease, addiction or emotional conflict.

Q : Is Victorious Christian Learning Center Online?

A : The center is Online only.  It's easy to join by signing up.  You'll receive a username and password and once inside you'll receive Day One and the resources for Day 1. Each Day for the following 6 days you'll receive a new lesson and resources. By the 7th day you'll have received the completed foundation course, all studies and resources.  These will all be yours to keep within the center or they can be downloaded. 

Highlights Of The Weight Loss Package

Eat and Lose Weight In Christ Using A Specific Principle

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge For Healing

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