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7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

Empowerment building studies and resources for healing, fulfillment and for
living victoriously in a chaotic and challenging world.

About The General Course

Before the Word of God can make sense and transform the lives of those who haven’t been taught how to live it, one must first develop a STRONG FOUNDATION OF JESUS CHRIST WITHIN THE HEART.  This foundation is at the core of The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Course that quickly teaches the Biblical principles to achieve victorious living.  THIS STUDY WILL MAKE ALL YOUR BIBLE STUDIES COME ALIVE!  See below:

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YOU’LL LEARN WHAT SALVATION MEANS.  It’s not just  making Jesus Christ our savior, but also Lord of our lives.  Jesus redeemed us from sin and from the curse of the law, but we must also live our salvation.  As our Lord, we’re to follow Jesus by following the Word.  As we do, it comes alive in us and distances us from worldly desires while directing our lives toward continued growth in Christ. We can never fail by looking to Jesus in all things and ways.  And we can share that truth with others. 

The Victory Center

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Center Video Introduction

Take Your Authority To Accomplish What You Need
and To Achieve Your Best Life!

Learn to take Christ’s authority now, rather than someday, to accomplish God’s will in your life and to achieve victory where you need it!  You were created to succeed!

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The Victorious Christian Studies

The Inner Workings Of The Learning Center

All Courses and Lessons Are Based Upon 100 % On Scripture.

The Three Major Studies Included

Take The 7-Day Christian Challenge First To Impact My Other Studies.

Victory Through Christ Foundation Training

7-Day Christian Growth Challenge

Lose Weight In Christ

Explore Your Opportunities In Christ Course Steps

The Victorious Christian Learning Center Process.  However, You can use the text, video, audio and worksheets in the order that works best for you.   

Holy Spirit Lab

1).  Enjoy the daily video-audio praise and worship time to open your heart for each new study along with the many free, life-changing tools which are easy to use.

Margaret Lukasik

Author / Teacher

Unique Study Enhancement

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The Foundation Study

2).  Begin with the 7-Day Christian Growth training within a unique setting to take your authority in Christ and move forward in Him for inner growth, success and victory!  

Margaret Lukasik

Author / Teacher

7 Days To A Victorious Lifestyle

Resources & Tools

3). Use the Bible Study guide, video, audio and the many other tools that work with the study to keep you in a position of Biblical rest and on the path of victorious Christian living daily. 

Margaret Lukasik

Author / Teacher

A Growing List Of Resources and Tools

Action With Results

4).  Take part in the exciting actions that personalize the lessons and challenge you to make them come alive in your day to day living for the kind of changes only the Word can make.  

Margaret Lukasik

Author / Teacher

Realize Christian Empowerment

The Instructor

Christian Studies and Site Author

Margaret Lukasik 

Since 1999 Margaret has been helping Christians all over the world online through her website and the Victorious Christian Learning Center. 

About Margaret:

Margaret is known for working with the people who read her studies and have difficulty putting God’s Word into practice over their specific needs or problems. She extends this same commitment to the learning center. 

She received training at the Cottonwood school of ministry and the Sure Foundation where she received invaluable Christian understanding that has changed her life and the lives of many others.   

Victorious Christian Studies
Victory Through Christ Foundation Training


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