Use Scripture Don’t Just Quote It!



Christians aren’t always taught in their churches to rise above the level of quoting scripture and instead “USE IT” by guidance of the Holy Spirit! This can cause actions that do more harm than good such as casting evil spirits out of people rather than knowing how to correctly perceive a situation by looking to God for guidance. Yes, evil spirits exist, but if we’re strong in the Word we won’t look to evil first, but to Jesus.  This misdirection can also cause Christians to judge others wrongly because if one doesn’t have a strong foundation of Jesus Christ it’s not possible to accurately perceive the truth and be empowered by it because God’s love will be missing!

Recently I spoke with a person who is a peaceful, yet they must deal with a specific person in their life who enjoys causing trouble, some of it quite harmful.  But rather than quoting scripture, fighting back or feeling defensive and afraid, they’ve learned to “USE” scripture with the power and authority of Jesus’ Name.  Once they learned to do this, victory through Christ has become a reality in their life without chaos or fighting, but instead PEACE!

There are times to quote scripture, but each day we need to live it in our thoughts, words and actions.  Scripture must influence the way we think, speak and act. We need to focus upon Jesus so that we can correctly translate the Word into the wisdom we need as we live our lives.  As we trust Him by faith, He will interpret the specific scripture we need by the Holy Spirit to speak the right words, to understand people correctly and to take the right actions that will always empower us and often times empower those around us!

And when the enemy attacks us through others, God’s guidance will translate the appropriate scripture into a working dialogue that will confound and confuse them in Jesus Name to do what is right and perhaps bring them to Christ indirectly!  PRAISE GOD!