How To Use God’s Word For Daily Living and Life Fulfillment

How To Use Use God's Word


How To Use Use God's Word

 Short Bible Lessons and Articles Based Upon Scripture To Help You Live Your Salvation.

2 Timothy 2:15   Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 



Successful Family In Christ:  What important elements create a successful and close family that will cement their lives in Christ for life.  More… 

What Is A Marriage In Christ?  A bad Christian marriage is a sign that both husband and wife are not living God’s Word.  More

Successful Christian Marriage In Christ:  Just because both husband and wife are Christians doesn’t mean that their marriage will run smoothly on it’s own.  More

Marriage Video To Keep Your Marriage Strong!  Complete Commitment In Marriage Video titled Lock and Key by Bayless and Janet Conley.  Watch it and you’ll see what they mean by lock and key.  More…  



10 Christian Dating Tips:  This short article offers Biblical wisdom for adult and teenagers plus 10 tips for dating etiquette that reflect the Christian ethic and are helpful for Christians new to dating.  More…   

Christian Dating Ethics:  If you’re a new Christian or new to Christian dating the dating ethics shared can be beneficial to keep your commitment to God while you enjoy dating. More



Raise Your Self-Esteem: If you can’t believe you’re worthy of God’s blessings, then it just makes sense that you can’t receive them.  More

How To Handle Pressure God’s Way:  You can learn how to handle pressure or adversity by learning how to walk with the Lord.  More

Godly Values For Christian and Life Success:  If you’re a new Christian, get started living God’s Word to grow in His wisdom and knowledge.  More

You Are Protected, Well and Safe In The Hands Of God:  God will always protect and watch over us no matter what we’re going through or whenever we’re in danger.  More

Child Money Management:  The 10/10/10/70 money management system for kids that make it easy for parents to instill valuable money management ideals into their children that are based upon scripture.  More

God’s Plan B: Have you ever thought of the fact that in eternity before the creation of man, God planned for you, me, and every other believer to be His Plan “A” to take His salvation to the world?  More



Waiting Upon God:  Waiting upon God for His will or purpose for our lives is a continual process.  But we also hear specific information to do something at a certain time in obedience to God.  More

Life Purpose Progression Steps:  When it comes to living our life purpose, it can seem as if it’s taking too long or that we’ve made a mistake and that there’s no “special life purpose” for us at all.  More

God’s Will Brings Our Greatest Fulfillment:  If you’re afraid that God’s will for your life will take you down a path you won’t like or that will greatly disrupt your life, think again! More

Do we have an obligation to live God’s Purpose?:  If we want to honor God with the integrity of His Word which tells us to live His will and purpose for our lives, then yes, we are obligated to live up to everything God tells us in His Word as we learn it.  More

God’s Purpose Scripture:  Scripture to help us obey and honor God by living His will daily and to live our most fulfilled lives in Christ. More


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