The Art Of Making Losing Weight
Fun and Exciting!


Keeping the correct mindset when it comes to losing weight will keep you out of the cycle of gaining and losing weight on a regular basis. Instead, you’ll look at eating as one of the many blessings we’ve been given to enjoy our lives.   

Tips to make losing weight fun.

I’ve always believed that whatever we do, especially if we’re not excited about something, we should make it a great experience.  However, I made losing weight an exceptionally horrible experience because I always starved myself which made me feel deprived. 

I’ll admit that in the beginning of any weight loss program excitement is high with a strong belief that success is just on the horizon. Then when the newness wears off, the mind realizes that the body is in for another disappointing ride of starvation and loss of food preferences.

Before I had put God at the center of my weight loss, I always felt exhilarated in the beginning, until disappointment set in from holiday or vacation eating.  Everything seemed to impact my weight loss, especially if the weight I had already lost was being challenged by a large meal that I loved.

Looking back, most of the time I was dieting, which made it impossible to have fun while I lost weight. Besides starving myself I would replace good foods with bad foods while becoming more and more impatient to lose more and more weight.

Making Losing Weight Fun and An Adventure

Whatever we do that creates a life improvement situation, we should make it an adventure, but if we don’t take the right path, the adventure could become a nightmare! Dieting takes an overweight person down the wrong path that includes willpower, suppression, deprivation.  It can also include depression.

Who can have fun in that environment?  Very few people love holding themselves back from the foods they love while constantly feeling concerned that whatever weight they’ve lost, it may easily be packed on again.

Weight loss becomes fun when you throw away the mental and emotional attitudes, anxiety and anguish that are associated with dieting. We need to take dieting out of the weight loss equation and put the foods we like, that are healthy, into our daily eating.

Once you look at eating as a means of giving life to every part of your body while you enjoy the experience at the same time, you’ll be free to make eating a fun time alone or when eating with others. If you’re not sure how to eat whatever you want while you lose weight, click here.

Ideas For Creating Losing Weight Fun

1.Try on clothing that’s too small at regular intervals.  It’s fun to see how much better it fits you from week to week or month to month depending upon how overweight you are and the size of the garment.  Choose something that isn’t too tight to avoid discouragement. 

2. Plan a trip, short or long, about two months in advance or longer.  Also plan to take clothing that makes you feel good about how you look.  It can be from clothing in your closet that’s just a little tight or clothes you purchase before you leave that will reveal your smaller size.  This was fun for me–not so much for the clothing, but because it was exciting to see my faith for weight loss fulfilled.

3.Plan activities that you’ve avoided because of being overweight.  Make a list of activities and begin with the most attainable first.   

4.Thank and praise God daily for all He’s doing for you in your life and for empowering you to not only lose weight, but for the changes that have been taking place in your life to make you healthier and to keep your weight off for a lifetime.  Praising God brings great joy, excitement and greater empowerment.

Come up with ideas that you believe will help you make losing weight fun.  Doing so will keep you light-hearted and in faith that you’ve attained your perfect and most healthy weight.


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