God Gave Us The Power Of Free Will

Free Will, There Comes A TimeAuthor and Christian leader, Sharon Palmer asks her readers in her new book, There Comes A Time,  what they will choose, heaven or hell. We only get one chance to choose eternal life or spiritual death and the only window of time we have is while we’re still on earth.   

Understand the Impact of Free Will on Your Life

We can’t take having a free will for granted! God gave mankind a free will to make choices, but the most important choice every person must make decides their eternity. If we don’t make a choice, suffering for all eternity becomes our reality by default.  

Sharon offers relevant verses to give more impact to her message and a convincing commentary concerning every person knowing the difference between right and wrong and therefore, responsible to make the choice of accepting Jesus Christ or living by worldly standards. Some people teach that everyone who is nice or kind is going to heaven, but the Bible teaches that the only path is by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.      

There Comes A Time is a great tool for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with non-believers and also to help give assurance to Christians unsure of their salvation. It gives the confidence that Biblically they are indeed saved and free of spiritual condemnation. 
Sharon’s book is available on Barnes and Noble. and Amazon.com.   To read my book review go to Sharon’s page

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There Comes A Time

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Sharon’s book is available now, ready for Holiday ordering. Click on Barnes and Noble.  To read my book review go to Sharon’s page.   Also available on Amazon.

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