The Sweetness Of God

By Sharon Palmer

The Sweetness Of God

The Sweetness of God

Enjoying Victorious Living

Do you long to experience God’s sweetness throughout life in ways you never have before? The faith-filled praise and candid testimony in Sharon Palmer’s latest book, The Sweetness of God, will show you how. Several attributes of His amazing character are explained on levels that will touch your heart. Being enriched through greater intimacy with Jesus Christ is a lifelong goal of God’s people, and Miss Palmer’s book illuminates the powerful, indelible transformations available to us if we’ll only believe Him.

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

This book is a journey on the path to victorious Christian living. Sharon’s writing glides her readers peacefully and joyfully through this upward path to receive God’s sweetness through His love, encouragement, healing, provisions or whatever we need. Most important, she shares the sweet joy of spending time with our Heavenly Father who continually blesses us even through our praises. 

Her excitement in the Lord is engaging and infectious, convicting the heart to worship God and spend time in prayer. Each page is an experience of enjoyment while drawing closer to God and getting a deeper spiritual sense of experiencing His nature.

I loved Sharon’s message that the Lord gave her about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that insures more interest and communication for salvation.  It takes away much of the apprehension many believers have when they approach people on the subject, and it leads to a more positive outcome. It’s a beautiful tool for successful evangelizing.

Sharon’s inspirational and inspired writing reflects her love of God and experience living the Word. She’s a great teacher and The Sweetness of God is a powerful little book that impacts one’s life to love and learn more about the Triune nature of God. I highly recommend it.

About The Author Of The Sweetness Of God

There Comes a Time Author Sharon Palmere

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Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer is an intercessor, writer, and grateful recipient of the manifold mercies of Jesus Christ. Her many interests include Bible teaching, singing, podcast recording, and producing.

Miss Palmer received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1974 and has since experienced more than 47 years of His ongoing transformation process in her life. She is a widow, stepmother, and triumphant survivor of childhood molestation.

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