Know The Difference Between The New and Old Covenants

Based Upon The Book, Grace Is The Truth By Brian Zondi.

Grace Is The TruthI’ve just reviewed a wonderful Christian book that gives understanding about the difference between the old and new covenants.  Knowing the difference leads Christians to a successful Christian lifestyle while trying to combine the two brings a life of working hard to please God by personal strength.  

Brian Zondi uses scripture to reveal this prevailing problem and highlights Matthew 9:16-17. It says that “no-one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment making the tear worse. Neither do men pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do the skin will burst, and wine will run out and wine skin will be ruined.” 

Brian says, “Jesus is saying that we must pour new wine into new wineskin, and both are preserved.” This means that it’s either the old or the new. You can’t have both but the church is trying to mix the two. They will try and convince you that you can find the balance between the two, but, it’s not found in scripture about balancing or mixing the two.”  

He continues to prove that this is man’s doctrine, not Bible doctrine and it’s dangerous and in the process throughout the book, he slowly builds the Word into the heart of the reader to build faith for this truth and to bring freedom through Christ’s redemption for mankind.


The Dangers Of Not Knowing The Difference Between The Old and New Covenants. 

Brian explains why it’s dangerous to have confusion about both covenants and he clearly shows why it causes many Christians to believe that they’re not saved.  He says that it will destroy you and you will be in a worst state than before. He also states that this is why you will find some people saying I’m not ready to be a Christian or to be Christian is hard. Even worse, many say that they have fallen, meaning that they’re no longer saved.  

I believe what the author is saying because I’ve seen much evidence of this truth. I’ve heard many Christians say that Christianity is too hard and at some point they gave up believing or stopped trying to live a Godly life.  The problem is in their not looking to Jesus.  This is sad because if they understood how Christ’s redemption for their sins made them free they could have walked in the peace and joy of the Word.  

This short book covers the Biblical ingredients for living a Godly lifestyle in peace, joy and great success. It’s available now at in the Kindle version.  Go to to read my review or go to Brian’s review page






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