The Adulteress – Women Who Met Jesus Volume I

A Familiar Bible Story Comes to Life in a Whole New Way!

By Author Lucinda Weeks


The Adulteress
The Adulteress

I’ve just completed reading a beautiful Christian novel which tells the story of a young woman named Adina.

Although she was brought up to love the scriptures, she is forced into a life that leads her far from God and surprisingly at the side of Jesus Christ as she awaits His decision about her life.

This amazing story is titled The Adulteress – Women Who Met Jesus Volume 1 and the author is Lucinda Weeks.

It was my pleasure to also review the book on  I think you’ll enjoy what I had to say about the story as it gives an exciting glimpse about the time Jesus walked the earth.  Go to for the review.

Here’s a wonderful short summary the author has shared about the story which includes our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



Adina was a proper Jewish girl. She was young and in love with Yeichiel, who was a thief and a drunkard. In order to keep her away from Yeichiel, her greedy father sold her into an unwanted marriage to Eleazar. Eleazar was filthy rich and more than willing to pay a hefty bride price for beautiful Adina’s hand in marriage.

Adina finds herself in a world she never imagined, married to a man she doesn’t love. As the third wife in a small harem, she finds herself longing for her true love,  Yeichiel, and and eventually the affections for other men.

Soon Adina’s indulgent life of sin leaves her broken and ashamed. She cries out to the God of her childhood who she believes could never forgive her for her sins. Confused and desperate for love, she is eventually caught in an act of adultery and captured by Roman soldiers and the pious Pharisees. She is brought before Jesus with the demand that she be stoned to death.


“The Adulteress” Book Information

Release Date: June 30, 2015
Published By: Tate Publishing
  Book Genre:  Christian Fiction


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