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Please Read My Conditions For The Book Review and Promotions Programs!

Before you pay the fee for any Book Promotion Program, please read the following terms and conditions. When you pay the fee, it serves as an acceptance of these terms.  


Remember, if your book fits with our book criteria given at right, you will have a greater opportunity to reach more of my visitors and to get traffic from the Internet where your promotion page is indexed.  

I govern this Book Promotion Service and take responsiblity for the look and feel of the promotion pages and the page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to strive for the  highest page ranking. Please see below for more information.

  • The purpose of this program is to provide book information on my site that centers upon Christian growth and health.  This site's ultimate goal is to teach Christians how to receive answered prayer for healing.  However, my site teaches a background of Christian growth to all. Christian's need to grow in Christ no matter what their prayer goals.
  • Although I strive for perfection 100% of the time, I'm human and do at times find a writing error. Once a page has been completed and errors or wrong information has been noted by myself or the author, I will correct them for the credibility of the page as quickly as possible, usually as soon I have been notified or see the problem.   

  • Book updates will be made if your review was completed before your book release date.  A new blog post will be made to announce the book release date for the book review program. No other updates will be made unless the book information and or the book cover changes.
  • Only the Premium and Classic Book Promotion Programs qualify for me to purchase the author's book from and write an honest review on my site and  The Promotion Page only does not because it does not include a review. 
  • No refunds will be given once the pages have been completed for the review and promotion.

There are no promises or guarantees that the books reviewed or promoted on this site will generate book sales. Authors will be notified of all work completed to keep them informed.

As the author of, and as the head reviewer and promoter of the Book Programs, I reserve the right to refuse any book or to work with an author. I state here in writing that if any book is not accepted and a fee was paid, the full fee will be returned to the author.  I can tell if a book may not have the opportunity to be noticed on this site.

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-Margaret Lukasik

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Please read our complete Privacy Policy for your peace of mind.  

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Book Promotion Programs

The theme for my website is Christian growth for scriptural healing. The purpose of victory through Christ is to teach Christians new to the Word how to receive answered prayer and be firm in their believe for healing, spiritual growth and their needs met. 

I want the books on my site to get noticed, so I limit book genres to my site theme.  This insures that they receive the relevance needed to get targeted interest and traffic.   

Here is a list of book genres that are most compatible with my site theme:


  • Biblical healing
  • General health
  • Eating healthy 
  • Healthy living /exercise
  • Healing From Depression
  • Healing From Dependencies 


  • Biblical parenting 
  • Family Bible studies
  • Relationship difficulties 
  • Domestic Abuse 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Family health and healing
  • Christian Children crafts
  • Christian Children stories


  • Centering upon God
  • God's will for Christians
  • Spiritual growth
  • Ministry
  • Ministry gifts
  • Christian Education
  • Communication Skills
  • Goal setting