How to Keep A Successful Christian Marriage In Christ

The First Step To A Successful Christian Marriage Is To Center Upon God First.


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Successful Christian Marriage
Develop A Successful Christian Marriage

A Christian marriage is a very special union between a man and woman joined together through Jesus Christ. It follows specific principles which should be followed if both husband and wife are to remain together in obedience to God’s will and if they both desire to live God’s will and His purpose for their lives.

Just because both husband and wife are Christians doesn’t mean that their marriage will run smoothly on it’s own. Just as we have to take responsibility for our personal lives spiritually before God, we must do the same for marriage.

It’s important to look at marriage as a separate entity from each person in the marriage. By this I mean that there are two people in a marriage who have individual personal needs to be met. Husbands and wives should care about each other’s needs and work at meeting them in a loving way as long as they are not harmful in any way.

A successful Christian marriage must also be attended to just as the couple looks to each others needs. They must watch over their marriage and keep it honorable before God. Here is a helpful list that will keep your marriage successful.


Specific ways to help keep the marriage bond in Christ for a successful Christian Marriage:

  • praying together
  • honoring and respecting each other,
  • making time to communicate with each other
  • encouraging and supporting each other
  • honoring and protecting the marriage vows
  • never have an extra-marital affair
  • be thankful to God for your spouse and your lives together


Ways To Keep A Successful Christian Marriage

If you are looking for ways on how to save a Christian marriage having problems, then it’s important to realize that a Christian marriage resolves problems that erupt rather than giving up and living with them only to be a good Christian rather than having a successful Christian marriage. It’s not good enough to say that you’ll just tolerate each other because you don’t believe in divorce. This attitude will create more problems and can lead to actions which will not only jeopardize your marriage but your Christian walk.

Anger, bitterness and loneliness will eventually take their tole on both parties and in time the couple will become so distant that the chances of an affair or divorce are likely. It’s important in all relationships to deal with problems as they arise. This way there is little chance of either party suffering in silence or harboring resentment over their spouses attitude. If both husband and wife work together through Christ to follow the Biblical principle of “Love” found in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13 they will desire to make their partner not only be happy and joyful, but a person who is a blessing to God.


Keeping God At The Center For A Successful Christian Marriage

Those of us in a Christian marriage should keep God at the center. When we do, we will see a greater importance to our marriage for keeping it whole and healthy. We are keeping our vows before God in obedience as well as making ourselves and our marriage a means by which God can work through to bless others in a multitude of ways. A successful Christian marriage is also a means by which our children and others can learn what a blessing marriage can be when it is directed by God’s Word.

By keeping God at the center of marriage temptation can be resisted to engage in extra-martial affairs, adultery, infidelity, physical, verbal or emotional abuse. However, if one is married to someone who refuses to be committed to God and the proper treatment of their spouse and or children, separation or divorce may be the only answer. Many may not agree with this thinking and believe that it goes against the Bible, however, abuse against especially children goes against the Bible and against the treatment of one’s spouse.

Just as divorce can affect the life of both the partners at physical, emotional, financial, legal, spiritual and family levels, abuse can destroy the spirit, soul and body. How then can someone be a functioning person or parent if they’re in a place of being battered and abused. If our bodies are the temple of God, then we are not to allow our bodies, minds and souls to be abused and destroyed, but instead be instruments in which God can work through us and for us for the sake of the Kingdom.


Help For Turning A Bad Marriage Into A Successful Christian Marriage

If you’re facing trouble and much difficulty in your marriage, there are various options. First of all, you need to talk to your partner and try to understand the problems in your marriage. It’s always better to seek solutions by mutual understanding.

If the conflicts in your married life are because of ego or being self-centered, one or both parties of the marriage are not centered upon God. Both husband and wife need to look to God beyond their own feelings first and ask for guidance. With a desire for both sides to receive a positive solution, God’s guidance will insure peace, joy and harmony for both the husband and wife.

Also, self-assessment before accusation is a very important step to save a marriage. With at least one person in a marriage thinking about their mistakes or character flaws, a beginning for resolution will set a good foundation for growth, spiritual maturity and a healthy marriage in Christ.

If you’re determined to remain with your spouse forever and worried about how to save your marriage, then you should opt for some changes in your behavior. If the problems in your married life are because of lack of communication, start to develop good communication between you and your partner.

You should spend alone time together in an atmosphere conducive for honest and peaceful communication. You should express an intense passion for your partner because if you are successful in developing love for each other, then other problems can be immediately solved.

Infidelity is not a part of a Christian marriage. Avoid looking outside your marriage for another man or woman to comfort you. It can lead to an extra-marital affair. You should be very honest with your spouse and should completely trust him/her. If your partner is abusive, try to understand him/her and understand the causes of misbehavior of your spouse and find a solution to end it peacefully, even it it means getting outside help and having to separate for safety.

You may wish to seek advice from your friends, family or a religious leader that you respect and trust to help you. There are Christian counselors within the church and also counseling for Christians outside the church that can be helpful by teaching and instilling Christian values for marriage based upon scripture. Many couples enjoy Christian marriage counseling which can help them improve their communication skills, find out their differences and clear all misunderstandings.

The Bible has specific instruction for marriage and general living that will help both husband and wife perpetuate a successful Christian marriage. By seeking help from Christian marriage experts, you will learn how to maintain or develop a successful Christian marriage. Prayer will, of course, be a part of your healing and growth for problems and difficulties that arise.

A bad marriage will keep both partners from serving God in the way He desires so they will lose out on living God’s best and His blessings. So whatever you do in marriage, keep God at the center and His Word. If you do, you will always have a successful Christian marriage that is more solid than gold and you’ll be able to hear God guide and lead you into your life purpose.

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