Failproof Goal Setting!

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Learn how to use the power of God combined with practical and unique knowledge to accomplish all your goals in record time. Begin your first goal by learning how to make time for God to achieve success and victory in Christ. Then, use those same principles and secrets for goal setting to overcome any fears you have to accomplish whatever goals you need or want.

Failproof Goal Setting Guide

Failproof Goal Setting Guide 

By Margaret Lukasik


If you're a Christian and you've found yourself wondering why you haven�t reached the success in Christ and in life that you imagined for yourself, the problem just might be because you keep putting off goals you need to accomplish.  


Failproof Goal Setting In Life Through Christ  takes the reader on a journey of learning how to put God first in their lives to receive the empowerment, success and victory that seems to allude most Christians in their times of need.

If this describes you, you'll learn why God's best alludes you and how you can become an empowered part of God's Kingdom to receive your blessings and most important to become a blessing.  

Don't dream about what your life could be. Use these unique and empowering goal setting tools to realize your dreams.

No More Excuses!

Why You Need This Guide For Attaining All Your Goals...

We all have goals that are put off for another day that never comes. We claim that we don't have time or that we'll get to them when the time is right.  We all know those are just excuses that are holding us back from what we want.  

  However, the most important goal many Christians put off is prioritizing time for Bible study, prayer and serving God. The Foolproof Goal Setting In Life Through Christ will help you in a short time not only make time for God, but have plenty of time left over for private, personal, business and entertainment time. 

  Overcoming procrastination doesn't have to be difficult as a Christian.  This is because the Word at work in you will help you to overcome every obstacle you face.  You'll still do the work, but God's Word brings healing of the things which keep you from living a victorious lifestyle in Christ.  I'm going to share with you a simple means of goal settig to put God first in your life and to grow spiritually.  Then, once you learn how to accomplish this goal, you'll be able to accomplish any goal you have! 


 Take Control Of Your Life!

Failproof Goal Setting

Are You Ready To Bloom In Christ?

Or Do You Still Plan To Wait? 

Don't Let Others Deceive You! Today There Are Many People Looking To Trick Christians For Money and To Pursuade Them To Go Against The Bible For Political Reasons. 


It's normal to procrastinate occasionally, and even get distracted sometimes, but highly successful people don�t let it stand in the way of what they want. They find ways to overcome it, especially when it comes to following Christ. All Christians must learn how to live God's Word and it doesn't have to take months or years to do so. Learn how to make time for God and you'll be armed to make wise decisions, live successfully and not be deceived when it comes to receiving your blessings.  

  If you're still not sure that you need to make time for God, ask yourself this question:  

  How much do you want to follow Jesus and live God's will for your life?  If you're not sure, then I'm thankful you're reading this, and I hope this information helps you to understand the urgency of living your salvation. 

  YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PUT OFF GOD ANY LONGER. With Politicians in America pushing hard for American citizens to vote for a world order based upon socialism and communism, we're now on the precipice of falling into the hands of evil people who follow Satan over God.  Jesus said that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but He has come to give the world abundant living (John 10:10).  This verse proves that we must choose sides for either evil or the light of Jesus Christ.

  It's important that you make the decision now to choose God's kingdom or evil. There's a spiritual battle going on right now that threatens our freedoms and God needs all believers to stand in the gap on His behalf to let Christ's liberty abound.  HE NEEDS YOU TO MAKE TIME FOR HIM TODAY and in the process you'll learn how to attain whatever goal you desire!  This new guide will show you how to do that no matter how busy you are.     


Failproof Goal Setting Through Christ

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