Discover The Key To Spiritual Refreshment!

Video Devotional By Bayless Conley


Attain Spiritual Refreshing:  Bayless shares how important it is to meditate, read, and get alone with God. As we follow Jesus’ example of withdrawing and refreshing in quietness, we find spiritual renewal and strength to face every day!

It’s easy to quote scripture and talk about how God’s Word brings change, but putting it into practice in our daily lives that are filled with so much activity can be a challenge.

Much of what we do everyday is necessary such as taking care of our families, working to provide for them, shopping for the necessities of life… and the list continues.  We can also be busy with church, but that doesn’t mean our attendance and activities will bring us the Spiritual Refreshment we need.

God knows we’re all busy with life, but He’s provided a means by which we can find the peace and joy we need to live the Word daily even throughout our busy lives.  Bayless shares this message to help Christians realize that they can find and enjoy Spiritual Refreshment because it’s a personal choice we make.


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