What Is The Difference Between Spiritual Healing and Scriptural Healing?


Scriptural Healing
Scriptural Healing

While this site is about scriptural healing, I wanted to share the importance of spiritual healing which must exist for scriptural healing to take place.   Go ahead and take a moment to think about the difference between the two.  While they sound similar and are related, they are not the same and should not be confused.

This year I read a book by Pastor Steve Byrens titled “The Cure – Prescription For Life.”  It’s unusual book because it deals with spiritual sickness and spiritual healing.  Most people don’t go deep enough within the scope of healing when they are sick, diseased or depressed to learn the spiritual reasons why they are suffering.  There so many other debilitating circumstances in a person’s life such as addictions, anger, bitterness, frustration, lust, covetousness and other such emotions that cause a person to be ill, out of control, depressed or so filled with pride they can’t see anything beyond the scope of their own existence or whatever it is they desire.

Steve based his book upon a series of sermons he shared with his congregation that teaches the Beatitudes as a means of receiving spiritual healing by following what Jesus taught on the Sermon On The Mount.  He goes through each beatitude explaining them in lay terms in order for each to be easily understood and utilized for a daily dose of God’s medicine to heal the spirit which will ultimately bring healing to whatever it is a person needs for the body, soul or mind.


The Difference Between Scriptural Healing and Spiritual Healing

By now you probably understand that scriptural healing of the body, mind and soul depends upon first healing a spirit that is void of Godly truth which comes from the Word.  Man is a spirit who lives in a body and who has a soul.   When Christians need healing for the body or soul which includes the mind, they normally go to a doctor or multiple doctors which is fine.

However, very few persons consider that spiritual sickness may be at the core of their ills and problems because the spirit is where we communicate with God.  As our communication with Him grows by our reading the Word and acting upon it, we become spiritually well which will cause whatever healing we need to become a reality.  Of course for healing of the body, we also need to eat correctly and take care of our bodies.

The heart or spirit is like a muscle that grows as we exercise it on a consistent basis.  But if we give it little or no attention it will atrophy just as our muscles do when we don’t use them.  When this happens to our spirits we suffer from living worldly lives, feeling dead inside, yet going through the motions of feeling alive through temporal or carnal things which can be centering upon financial and material wealth only, addictions, abuse, denial of the things of God, selfishness and other problems that separate a person from God.

Spiritual Sickness
Get “The Cure” For Spiritual Sickness

“The Cure – Prescription For Life” will help you get to the very core of your being (spirit) through the Beatitudes to transform your life by building a strong foundation of Jesus Christ within you.   Many times illness is the result of spiritual sickness because of unforgiveness or bitterness which can eat away at a person until they are sick!  Whatever problem you may be having or even if you feel that your life is on track with God, insuring that the Beatitudes are working in your life is important to keep your spirit in tune with God for continued spiritual growth.

To learn more about Pastor Steve Byrens and what the Beatitudes and his teaching can do for you in order to receive scriptural healing, which is a must for scriptural healing, visit his blog!