The Spirit Of Revival

Christian Revivals

By Pastor Ewang Nelson Mfortaw

The Spirit Of Revival Book Summary...

We are in the last days and the Christian Faith has fallen into apostasy. While some have abandoned the Faith to follow deceiving spirits and demons as 2 Peter 2: 1-3 describes concerning false prophets and teachers.  There are others who are waiting for a Christian Revival, but for that to happen, however, there needs to be a rebirth of learning. The Spirit Of Revival is a body of living words that make up flames of Revival; it's the reawakening of the Christian Faith.

If you pay attention to its contents, you will understand God's mind and will. The words in this book have power to transform you immediately and make you stand as light in this dark world. The Spirit of Revival is written to make all the mysteries of the Bible (including the mysteries of the Garden of Eden, the nature of Faith, the Concept of Sin, the mystery of the Sabbath, and the miracle of Baptism) plain and simple to you. If you understand this book, then the Bible will become plain and simple to you because this is its language. The Spirit of Revival is more than just a book; it is the Revival you've been praying for. Learning is the first step for The Spirit of Revival.  


The Spirit Of Revival Features At A Glance

God's Word Is Not Complicated!

Ewang Nelson highlights the purity of God's Word and demonstrates how simple it is to understand and live. 

The Mystery Of Faith

Learn that while faith is simple, it goes much deeper than only receiving what we want for ourselves. 

We Are In The Latter Days

Know the antichrist. He is the spirit that works in those who preach, teach and do works in Christ’s name but not for His name.

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  • Genre:  Christian non-fiction
  • Pages:  300
  • Publisher:  Wipf and Stock Publishers
  • Language:  English
  • Publish Date:  April, 2017
  • Enabled:  Text-To-Speech (Kindle)

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ISBN is:  9781532630330 ; 9781532630354.


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The Spirit Of Revival - Christian Revival
Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

All Christians need periods of revival throughout their lives. Christian growth never ends! The problem for many is that they don’t know where to begin with God to insure a well-rounded growth and foundation of Jesus Christ to live the Word successfully. I recently read The Spirit Of Revival by Pastor Ewang Nelson Mfortaw. One of the most amazing benefits of the book is how deep it goes into the Word with such simplicity that even new Christians can easily benefit from its teachings immediately. I used it to better explain the empowerment we have in Christ to help a fellow Christian attain victory over a difficult situation he was facing. It was exciting to see the Word come alive for him as his anxiety was replaced with peace.

Pastor Nelson clearly shows his readers how to study the Word, meditate upon the scriptures and act upon them to live salvation to the fullest by faith and in liberty! Reading his book is like taking an exciting journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, while at the same time, receiving deliverance from the religious, man-made doctrines that keep Christians in bondage rather than faith. We learn that by living through Christ, we have authority in His name to do all things. If you’re unsure about your authority in Christ, the teachings given will guide you into a position of strength in spirit, soul, mind and body to live your destiny. You’ll no longer wonder if your life has purpose because you’ll learn how to take your place in the Body of Christ.

For those who can’t find joy or happiness, I loved the “eye opening” teachings that reveal great success and victory by learning how to abide in Christ for others. We’re shown with scripture that a clear path to lasting joy, peace and happiness is realized when the Christian becomes obedient to the Word for others by faith in God rather than by performing good deeds to please Him. This important lesson leads the reader to a deep understanding of God’s character with a beautiful message of His compassion and love for His children throughout the chapters.

Many times, people look at God as vengeful, eager to punish those who make mistakes with trials and tribulations. But Pastor Nelson proves that God takes joy in our learning the message of our trials to promote us and further bless us. He takes away the confusion of God’s intent toward man by showing that when we suffer or experience trials and learn from them, we fully possess the glory in us rather than experiencing lengthy suffering from complaining as the Israelites did. Thus, The Spirit Of Revival is a book of great wisdom and knowledge that leads the reader to revival while it refreshes the soul with beautiful psalms, prayers and poems.

This is a book that brings peace to the believer and rest from the tiring fight against Satanic forces attacking us to sin and live in misery. Christians all have the same opportunity to rest in Christ rather than fighting Satan who has come to steal, kill and destroy. We are free to enjoy the abundant life given us by Christ and free of sin because all who are reborn in Christ are a new creation in Him. For anyone who desires to live the reality of liberty in Christ, I highly recommend The Spirit of Revival by Ewang Nelson Mfortaw. Prepare to be immersed into the truth of God’s Word with actions and signs following. You’re going to realize Biblical truths that many never learn in their lifetime and which will prepare you for new Biblical revelations in Pastor Nelson's future publications, so keep this book close at hand! Use it for Bible reference, a Bible guide for living and a book of prophecy.

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Pastor Ewang Nelson Mfortaw

Pastor Ewang Nelson is a young Cameroonian who believes in the Glory of the Christian Revival.  As he so beautifully states, "the ‘Revival of the Word’ is the wind that will sweep throughout Christianity in these last days, for the Glory of the Christian Revival is in the Living Gospel." He is assured of this truth because of what he’s learned from the Spirit of Christ who lives in all true Christians.  He was born in August 1982 into a family of seven and received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of 15. Pastor Nelson is Spirit-filled and a prolific Christian author, always ready to serve the Lord. His years of trials, criticism and also poor background has served as stepping stone for becoming a preacher, rather than a hinderance to his faith. 

This inspirational man of God enjoys meditating and writing, not allowing his educational status to stop him from accomplishing God's will for his life to preach and write. He was always assured that God's Spirit was there to guide him. Notwithstanding, he published his first book in the series "Christian Revivals" titled, "The Spirit of Revival."  

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