How To Share Your
Christian Testimony

Your story is more important than you realize! Your life is important in Christ Jesus and when you share what He’s done for you it gets past on from one person to another…

Why Share Your Christian

When you share your testimony about how you came to know Jesus and how He changed your life when you received salvation, you may help others learn of Him or help someone make Jesus their Lord and Savior.  It also brings encouragement to those who are saved, but aren’t experiencing the joy and success that comes with salvation.  

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Learn How To Share Your Testimony

Salvation is only the first step with God. If Christians aren’t taught how to live their salvation, they live just as before in darkness.  But as they learn to transform their mind with the Word of God (Romans 12:2) amazing things begin to happen.  The Word comes alive within every part of theirs lives and those things which appeared difficult, become easier to to, overcome or accomplish.  

This is where you can share with others. There will always be difficulties in life, but in Christ we will overcome them because of His sacrifice on the cross.  Even if you think you have nothing to share, look at what God has done for you in times of difficulty and as you do, you’ll be encourage to not only share that with others, but it will build your faith to look to Christ to do more in your life.

Your Testimony Guide

Share Your Christian TestimonyTake some time and think about how you can share your testimony with others.  However, if you have trouble, I found a  unique guide that teaches how to create a testimony that will help win others to Christ. It’s easy to read and follow. The author is Douglas Riggle. You can learn more about him from his website here. It’s a beautiful site that is inspiring and a great testimony of Christianity.

The book is titled “Your Testimony” and it can be purchased on  It’s a short but powerful book that can change your life and the lives of others.

Share Your Christian Testimony

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You Can Use Your Talents To Share Your Testimony

Douglas Riggle says that there is no other story like yours and it’s just waiting to be told! Share your story through your talents whether it be writing, speaking, socializing, singing or whatever you love to do and spread the seeds of Christ throughout the world. 


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Share Your Christian Testimony
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