Share The Gospel Of Jesus Christ God’s Way Not According To Our Feelings



Sharing The Gospel
Share The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

We all have ministry work to do, but we have to do it God’s way. Sometimes we get caught up in spending a great deal of time with just one person when there are many sheep within God’s church and unsaved within the world. There are people who only want to go so far with God and others stop midway because they see that they can’t bully or push God into doing what they want the way they can with people. These are the people who keep us from the specific work or purpose God has assigned every Christian.

We have to learn to listen to God about specific persons when He’s saying, “That’s enough. I have much work for you to do elsewhere.” I realize this seems cruel to some, but we have to look at whatever we do for God spiritually and obey Him over what we see or feel physically, no matter what others think.  After all, He knows the hearts of the people we’re trying to bring to the light of Jesus Christ and we’re working “HIS” ministry and not our own.

We do things God’s way, not according to our feelings or senses. This is the sign of a baby Christian so if you think like this, you’ll need to grow up fast spiritually if you’re going to serve God in church, as an evangelist, from your home, on the web or wherever you’ve been led to serve God.

We all have to follow Jesus and when we allow ourselves to spin our wheels helping people who are either just looking to get attention or who are looking for people to use for their glory, we have to follow Jesus’ instruction to His disciples, which was to shake the dust off their feet and keep moving as a testimony against the people in towns or cities who turned their backs on the Word.  When people take our time for the guise of needing our help and never show any signs of change, they’re the same or worse than the people who reject God’s Word because they’re using God as a facade for their selfish motives.

Luke 9:5 (ESV)  And wherever they do not receive you, when you leave that town shake off the dust from your feet as a testimony against them.”

If we don’t follow what Jesus taught about everything including helping others, we’ll allow Satan to steal, kill and destroy the sheep who are willing to follow Jesus but need our help to begin. How will they receive our help if we’re stuck trying to help the one’s Satan is using to keep us from moving on to the right people? Do your best to help others in their Christian walk or to receive salvation, but pray in the spirit to hear the will of God and to learn the motives of those who continually seek your guidance but never move forward.