Setting Spiritual Goals and Prioritizing
Your Life For Scriptural Healing


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Setting Spiritual Goals
Setting Spiritual Goals

If you want to stabilize and remain firm in strong faith rather than changing how you feel about it according to the color of your mood, then you need to set spiritual goals and prioritize.  It’s vital to healing whether you’re looking to scripture alone, scripture and medical science or medical science alone.

The medical profession has it’s limits.  They’re not going to tell you, in most cases, how to think or believe in order to insure that their treatments, medications and advise will give you the maximum benefit.  Your spiritual life is personal.  It’s up to you to grow inwardly or leave your spirit dormant.  It’s not your doctor’s responsibility to make sure that you believe you will be well or not.

It’s the same with God.  The Bible tells us in the Old Testament that “God is our healer” and in the New Testament we see that we can go straight to God as “our Healer” through Jesus Christ to have healing and maintain good health.  We have this benefit, but we have to believe it or else we won’t receive it.

It’s just important to believe that God will work through the medical care we receive as well.  No matter what you hear from your doctor, you have to believe by faith that God is working on your behalf.  This means that it’s important to have faith in your doctors, but keep it in perspective of God’s Word.  God is your healer and the ultimate source of life.  By putting faith in God to heal you, He will lead you to what you need according to your faith and “you will be healed.”  If you can’t believe this truth on a daily basis, then you have “wavering faith.”


Setting Spiritual Goals and Organization

Wavering faith will keep you from reaching your spiritual goals or prayer requests.  If you believe one day and are afraid the next, then it will be difficult, if not impossible to be healed.  Look what the Bible has to say about wavering faith:

James 1:5-8  (hover over scripture to read).

Having wavering faith is the sign of a new or “baby Christian” which means that every Christian can become “fully mature.”  So you can remedy the situation while you work with God to receive your healing.  God will see you through as you exercise your faith to make it grow.  Here is what I did to make my faith grow when I was new to the Word.  I took a hard look at my life both physically and spiritually and made changes to suit my spiritual goals because we are told in the Bible to center our lives upon God. As my faith grew I didn’t spend as much concentrated time growing faith; instead I was able to make it grow in the course of my daily life and activities.

But when I was new to growing my faith I spent time setting spiritual goals, the most important was to study the Bible daily and memorize or meditate upon the scriptures that were relevant to my situation and Christian growth.  If I had an activity that was keeping me from that I time, I put the Word first.  Early in the morning I prayed and meditated on scripture.  I also made sure that my personal business was organized as well. It gave me a sense of peace that I could spend time with God and not be thinking about bills that had to be paid, making phone calls or running errands.  I attended to those things after I took my children to school and got them over with quickly so that I could get into the Word and prayer.  I also had a home business to run, so I ran than later in the afternoon after my study.

If you have to work outside your home as most people do, all you have to do is set your spiritual goals for a time that you can work with.  If you’re very busy, use your week-ends to spend the most time with God.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that the more time you spend in the Word, the faster your faith will be developed.

You may also need to spend time looking to God for guidance of treatment if you’re new to faith.  A doctor’s involvement in your spiritual goals will help you to keep your physical goals for good heal and healing.   So you may have to prioritize for that as well.  Just keep in mind that your life is very important, so spend whatever time you can for receiving healing through Jesus Christ.  This is a benefit of your salvation.

You can’t help but grow in your faith as you give your spiritual goals priority in your life. So I encourage you to take time to do this now if you are currently ill or you are well, but weak in faith.


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