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Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Review
Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Review

I’ve recently read a book of great substance that I believe will be helpful to many Christians.  It’s titled, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve” and it was written by Christian author, Acacia Slaton.  She’s a wonderful Christian author who I’ve had the pleasure of learning about since I read her first book, “Launch Out Into The Deep” a few years ago.  It has the same tone as her latest book which is to help others, especially young people learn how to trust God and follow Him.  I’ve written a review for both books, but this is the first video review I’ve done for Acacia.

Her latest book was written with much courage. It has great potential for helping young Christian women as well as men avoid feeling pressured about getting married without caution and risk marrying the wrong person.  Acacia felt this same pressure.

An amazing young woman who has always loved God and who had a bright and promising future, found herself caught in a life of lies and deceit created by her new husband who married her as a cover for his homosexual lifestyle, putting both her and their daughters at risk concerning their health.  Had Acacia known his intentions, she would have never chosen to be victimized by her own husband, but she points out that had she looked to God first, she could have avoided the anguish and pain she had suffered and is still healing from today.

Her message is multifaceted as she uses what happened to her as a means of helping others learn how to trust God and receive His guidance.  She shares the signs to look for in order to avoid marrying a man who is not committed to a heterosexual or a monogamous relationship.  She also shares the guidance she received to help her on the path to healing and restoration.  This is a book for today and one that should be discussed in our churches and with our young people to help them avoid this lifestyle.

Take a look at The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Review below and use the following links to read Acacia’s reviews for both of her books.

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