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Our lessons include spiritual growth lessons to help Christians know what to do from the moment they receive salvation in Christ. Many people are engaged by Christians to receive salvation, but after they're save, they feel left alone to figure out how to live a Godly life. A percentage of these new Christians give up or go back to their old ways.

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Seeds Of Faith Video For Christian Empowerment


Let God Bring Your Life To Full Bloom Through Jesus Christ 

God calls some to be leaders in the church to help their congregations with salvation, teaching, community outreaches and other leadership duties. However, this doesn’t mean that those not in these positions aren’t called by God to help other Christians and share the gospel. We all have a special purpose within the Body Of Christ , yet we all have the same purpose to spread seeds of faith from God’s Word. This is why we must all continue growing in Christ. 

We all have special talents that we’re either aware of or need to discover in order to serve God and to use in our daily lives, careers and businesses.  If you’re new to salvation or the Word, go to the Victory Through Christ free Living Your Salvation Lessons to read what we’ve included to help you grow in Christ and live a successful lifestyle in Him. We’ve also included all that information and much more in a Bible study if you would like to learn more within one ebook study. Click on successful Christian living to learn more.

Our free Salvation studies are helpful for new Christians and Christians who aren’t that familiar with the Word. Learn more about salvation, God’s will, how to live your salvation, and how to fulfill your life purpose.  


The Seeds Of Faith Video For Christian Empowerment Through Godly Living

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