Seasonal Weight Loss Is Caused By Dieters Who Put Weight Before Good Health!

Seasonal Weight Loss


Seasonal weight loss implies bad eating during the fall and winter months and then working hard to get into shape for spring and summer with fad diets that are unhealthy! 

Having this type of mindset creates the kind of emotional and physical stress that pushes a person to take short cuts for losing weight.  This can include starvation, eating sweets instead of healthy food, taking diuretic pills, diet pills and perhaps turning to dangerous habits which can lead to serious eating disorders. 

Sadly, the pressure put on oneself to rush weight loss can only be temporary rather than life-long.  Weight loss achieved for a lifetime keeps people from panicking over the thought of wearing summer clothing.  Choosing clothing should be fun rather than a practice of feeling depressed whenever you hit the dressing room.

Putting good health first will keep your weight loss goals moving forward all year long–especially if you have much weight to lose.  Up and down weight loss is very hard on the body and internal organs.  Skin gets stretched and then shrinks, but skin can only stretch so much without losing it’s elasticity.  The older we get the more this becomes a reality.

I know this because I’ve had to work hard to get my upper and lower arms in shape.  It’s been hard work.  If I had put health before weight loss, I would have maintained a healthy weight all my life, but many times I had the seasonal weight loss mentality.  What helped me to change my thinking was joining Weight Watchers in my late fifties. And it works perfectly with The Weight Loss Project.


Seasonal Weight Loss Creates Health Problems

Life just isn’t that good when we suffer from bad health, swollen legs or knees, breathing problems from too much movement from even one room to another and other conditions caused from being overweight. 

Some weight problems are cause by physical conditions or disorders, but I’m talking about the health problems caused from gaining weight during fall, winter and maybe spring because people are able to hide their bodies under more clothes.   

I’ve lived long enough to see that most people as they get older gain at least 10 extra pounds per year by eating whatever they want during the colder months.  They lose less weight during the summer each year and as they get even older they don’t even care about keeping their bodies at a healthy weight loss because for most of their lives weight loss was only about being young and looking good. 

No matter what your age, if you maintain your weight because you wish to avoid health problems now and in old age, develop the attitude of achieving your perfect weight because you want to live a healthy vibrant life throughout your whole life.  


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