Searched and Seized By God

A. L. Mingo's
Searched and Seized

By God

 Chosen Before The Foundation
Of The World   – Eph  1: 4

Searched and Seized By God Book Summary & Video

Author of Searched and Seized By God, A. L. Mingo, shares his life and reveals painful events he experienced while searching for his purpose in life. The book also reveals the author’s undying love and devotion to his lovely wife, LaDonne, and shares their personal journey together through her illness and their faith in God. In spite of the obstacles they’ve faced together, their marriage has endured more than five decades “in sickness and in health.”  

He also shares the fear that overtook his heart when she was diagnosed with a fatal disease and the pain he experienced as he watched her suffer daily.  Yet, A.L. Mingo fills his book with writings that depict how a sovereign God is deeply absorbed in the affairs of His seemingly insignificant creation. He boldly states that it’s his goal and utmost desire from start to finish to glorify God Who is our Creator.  He believes that even the most unspiritual person can clearly see the sovereign hand of God at work in every twist and turn of his journey.


Searched and Seized By God

A Testimony Of God's Love - Even In Trials

Guidance To Center On God For Purpose

Teaching For Living By Faith Each Day

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Searched and Seized By God
Searched and Seized By God

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Independently published (December 9, 2019)

Language: English


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Book Review

Too often in current times our police aren’t given the support and gratitude owed them for being our heroes and earthly protectors.  I love them and pray for them with thankfulness for their daily courage and dedication to provide law and order and to have compassion for those in need of their service. For this reason, I was excited to read a new book titled, Searched and Seized by God written by A. L. Mingo, a retired city police chief of Benton Harbor, Michigan. His story of God’s hand on his life and career before he had even surrendered to God is amazing and one that should be shared to demonstrate our victory in Christ when we have unwavering faith through good times, and especially through difficulty and darkness.

    I’ve known police officers, but never one who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I wanted to read about God at work in the life of someone in law enforcement, but as I began reading, I realized this was more than a story about career, but rather a love story of the author for his lovely wife, LaDonne and their devotion to one another for over 50 years while remaining faithful to God, even in sickness.  However, as I’ve stated, the indelible thread in this story is the amazing testimony of the Word at work in the author’s life before and after his conversion to receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

    The author doesn’t claim to be perfect. Indeed, he candidly shares the times when he hasn’t been. Yet, he has kept a prevailing attitude of joy that began as a child. He was so happy and optimistic that he didn’t recognize poverty or the limitations society can place on a person because of their color of skin. It wasn’t until the 1970’s as a young husband and father facing financial difficulty that he began to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a police officer no matter how difficult the process. However, trying to find his way into the city police department brought him face to face with the reality of racism that deemed him unqualified for the position he desired without giving him any reason for the judgement. He faced many such trials, that pushed him beyond what at times he thought he could endure, but fueled by his faith in God He always persevered to achieve victory.

    A. L. Mingo’s integrity, faith and perseverance took him beyond his dream of becoming a police officer with honors, awards and promotion. He retired in 2009 to travel with his wife who had retired before he did. They continued together serving God, enjoying family and their well-deserved time together until their retirement came to abrupt halt due to LaDonne’s illness that continues to this day. Their love and devotion to one another is a great testimony of their obedience to God’s Word concerning marriage and relationships. 

   I loved reading Searched and Seized By God. It offers important teaching by example for all facets of life. Christians need God’s knowledge and wisdom to achieve a successful marriage, to discover purpose and career success, to fit God into a busy family life and to find victory in the midst of trials we can’t overcome on our own. Real life answers to life’s problems are found within the pages of this exciting new book that leads unbelievers to Christ within the last chapter.  This true story of love, God and family has made a profound impact upon my life and I believe it will do the same for all who read it. This is most assuredly a “must-read” book.   

About The Author


Learn about the author's
distinguished life and career

 Al Mingo is a retired police officer who received numerous awards and accolades during the years he served on the police force. In 1974 Al graduated from the Lake Michigan College Criminal Justice program and has been certified as a Michigan law enforcement officer by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) since 1974.


During his years of service, he graduated from the 92nd Michigan Department of State Police Trooper Recruit School in 1978. A few of the awards Al received while faithfully serving the community include the following:


 A certificate of recognition for “Outstanding Service” to the people of Berrien County, presented by Sheriff Paul Bailey in December 2002.


 Consecutive year recipient of the Michigan Department of State Police Fifth District (Southwest Michigan), 2001 and 2002 Leadership Awards presented for demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities while acting as Post Commander.


 In November 1996, received an “Appreciation Award” for dedicated service at the Niles State Police Post, Niles, Michigan. 


 Recipient of State of Michigan D.A.R.E. Administration Unit Award for outstanding service in May 1994.



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Searched and Seized By God




 In March 1994, honored with a certificate of recognition for “Outstanding Service” to the people of Van Buren County, presented by Sheriff H. Cal Rosema.


 Received a certificate of appreciation in 1990 for outstanding service presented by Colonel R.T. Davis, Director of the Michigan Department of State Police. 


 In January 1989, recognized with a Michigan Department of State Police Fifth District commendation for exemplary job performance while assigned to the D.A.R.E. unit, presented by District Commander Capt. Richard Dragomer.