My Review Of Relentless Pursuit By Sheri Adams – Briggs is Complete!

I wish I could give this book ten stars, but there are only 5 on the major book sales platforms!  This is one of the most powerful books I’ve read!  I know that you’ll love it too because it captures the life of one of the most amazing Christians, Sheri Adams – Briggs, who has dared to trust God for her calling and continues to fulfill it daily.


Suffering Overcome By God’s Grace   

Relentless PursuitRelentless Pursuit is an explosive autobiography that reads like a story from a novel. The author’s life flows from a young girl to the grown woman she has become. Through the chapters we learn of the evil Sheri was taught to trust as God’s truth, how it affected her life and how she used God’s truth to overcome her past and become a Christian leader in her community. 

There is much emotion involved in the reading of this book, so you may find it difficult to avoid tears, but they soon turn to joy by watching Sheri overcome her suffering by clinging onto God with trust and love. 

Click on Relentless Pursuit Review to read my review. To order from Amazon, click here.  To order from Barne and Noble click here. I highly recommend this book for all Christians.


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