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Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

Reflections for a Thirsty Soul Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

As the world faces sickness, joblessness and financial difficulty, we need to look to sources of peace, joy and inspiration to trust in God’s Word. I found a brilliant source of inspiring wisdom that leads the reader to discover their best life, to heal, meet difficult challenges and to keep a trusting heart for God to claim victory. It’s a lovely book titled, Reflections for a Thirsty Soul by Christian author, Yaa Foda Attobrah. Filled with Christian messages, it fuels great faith within the heart, and brings peace and joy to the soul. 

I recently reviewed the book on  I find it a profound source of Christian information for Christian renewal which begins with transformation of God’s Word.  Yaa’s messages are based upon scripture and are written with an upbeat and convincing tone concerning God’s love and care.

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Yaa has a talent for teaching without sounding preachy or arrogant. She’s a loving woman with a true heart of God who sincerely cares about the well-being of others which is clearly reflected in her writing.   

If you’re looking for a beautiful gift to give your loved ones, your friends or people you’re aware of who need inspiration and wisdom, Reflections For A Thirsty Soul is for you.  It’s also the perfect way to share God’s Word with unbelievers to help them understand God’s love for them.  The book also offers the author’s personal reflections with life-giving affirmation and encouragement, truth and strength.  It’s a book you’ll want to keep close for personal encouragement and enjoyment. 


To read my review or to order on, click on review.  She has many great reviews.  To learn more about Yaa and her renewed Christian devotional messages, go to Yaa’s Book Information Page.


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