For A Thirsty Soul

Reflections for a Thirsty Soul is a book of Christian inspiration and personal reflections with life-giving affirmation and encouragement, truth and strength. This book offers solace to the downtrodden and weary and provides renewed hope and passion to move forward and live your best life. Come find refreshment for your soul and be inspired.

By Yaa Foda Attobrah

Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

Bring God's Peace To Your Soul

Author Yaa Foda says, “we live in a fast-paced and frenzy-driven world. Go, go, go seems to be the order of the day. What do you do when life wears you down? Is your soul crying out for relief because the daily grind has left you so exhausted? “Is this all there is to life?” you wonder. Your soul longs for more: joy, peace, serenity, calm. Taking time to focus on the important things has now become a matter of urgency. That time is now. If you are lost and cast adrift in the sea of life, look no further.”


Book Highlights

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Pages:  246  

Publisher:  FriesenPress

Published: April 30, 2020

Language:  English

Text-To-Speech:  Yes

Reflects Scripture

 Life-changing messages based upon scripture to live God’s wisdom. 

Reflects Jesus

Biblical reflections for successful living by following Jesus Christ. 

Reflects Fulfillment

Each message is written to enrich the soul with peace and inner fulfillment. 

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Christians today find their faith challenged amidst changing societal mores and political views. The question we face is how can we maintain our right to uphold what is Biblically true and live it daily? The only way is to stand bold and firm in the Word to keep a strong focus upon Jesus Christ. We can’t do that without prioritizing time to study God’s Word so that it will become a working part of our lives. However, there are many times when we’re not sure what scripture or teaching we should apply to difficult situations and decisions we make daily.  While Bible studies are crucial to our consistent Christian growth, believers need to find Christian resources that can bring more clarity to the scriptures.

Recently I read an extraordinary source of Biblical wisdom and encouragement. It’s titled Reflections For A Thirsty Soul by Yaa Foda Attobrah. It’s a breath of fresh air that lightens the soul with God’s Word while revealing those hidden areas of our lives that we haven’t yet turned over to God. Yaa gives answers to many of the difficult problems everyone faces as well as problems specific to Christians with a scriptural path to follow for success.  This is especially important for new Christians because Roman’s 12:2 says that we must renew our minds with the Word of God to know God’s will. Therefore, I see the book as an important guide for Christian transformation.

Yaa’s writing is brilliant and engaging. I’ve never met her, but I felt as if she was sharing God’s Word and her Christian life experiences with me as a friend.  She lovingly pushes her readers with a firm but gentle touch to reach for their personal and spiritual best with encouragement that made me examine my personal and spiritual goals. She has a gift for making the Word come alive through her messages of strength, courage and faith, that for me, brought greater meaning to some of my favorite scriptures. 

I’d also like to share that parts of Yaa’s book are fun to read. She writes with an upbeat style that kept my interest throughout. I greatly recommend Reflections For A Thirsty Soul to all Christians no matter what their level of inner growth. It’s packed with Biblical wisdom that demonstrate how the journey of following Christ is never a burden, but an exciting adventure.


About The Author

Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

Yaa Attobrah is a woman of deep faith whose passion is the word of God and writing. She has always had a love of reading and a way with words which was nurtured in her from childhood. In this book, Yaa shares great insights and nuggets from the word of God.

Yaa posts her writings to various Christian blogging groups from her blog, “In His Presence” and her two Facebook pages. She has in turn gained great wisdom and knowledge from the writers in these groups. Reflections for a Thirsty Soul is Yaa’s first publication.

Yaa is a wife and a devoted mother of three adult children and 3 grandchildren. She lives in Edmonton, Canada.

Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

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