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While Randy Kay’s new book fits within the scope of his many leadership books, it’s also vastly different. It covers the same aspects of self care for physical, mental, and emotional, however, Dying To Meet Jesus, How Encountering Heaven Changed My Life, takes the reader into the spiritual realm through the author’s encounter with Jesus after he had died in the emergency room.  Once I read about his Near Death Experience, I wanted to spread the word to other Christians. It’s absolutely phenomenal!   -Margaret Lukasik

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About Dying To Meet Jesus

How Encountering Heaven Changed My Life By Randy Kay

If you want great book, something you’ve never read before – something so different that you’ll never forget it, I’ve got a new book to share about an amazing event that happened to Randy while in the emergency room with blood clots in his right leg. While laying in his bed, everything went black and suddenly he was in heaven touched by light as he found himself with Jesus.   

Read Dying To Meet Jesus and your life will never be the same because it makes readers aware of God’s truth. Having knowledge about what God expects of us, makes us responsible to live it or obey it from that moment forth.  Randy shares God’s truth as it relates to his story in a way every person can understand and utilize. He is one of the most acclaimed authors in the United States for writing a series of leadership books based upon the author’s many years of research.  His leadership experience spans many decades.  He is CEO of two companies, PACEsetters, a human development firm, and TenorCorp, a strategic development firm.  He helps people from all walks of life through articles, books, television appearances and radio programming. 

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