Only One Person Can STOP You From Smoking: YOU!

No one can force you to stop smoking.  You and you alone must make the decision to stop, and when you do, there is one sure way to finalize your decision and insure your victory – look to God by looking to His Word in Christ Jesus for your empowerment to heal.  If you’re serious to quit, use my special discount code: 50PERCENT or get it free.  See details below.  

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture

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No matter how long you’ve been chained to smoking cigarettes and spending your hard earned money to purchase four or five packs a day, when you look to God for healing, you’ll become liberated from addiction.  You’re free right now because when you ask God for anything, including healing, you receive right now.  There is a spiritual side and a practical side to addictions and it’s important to know how to combine the two for success.  

This is why I’m going to first cover the spiritual side of quitting smoking and the spiritual actions you’ll need to take, and then cover the practical side in which God can work through on your behalf for healing.  Believe it or not,  there are some problems or areas in our lives where we cannot find success on our own because of personal issues that need to be turned over to God for healing in a specific way! 

You’ll learn how to receive your healing NOW with the included DVD download I include free with your order.  However, if you prefer, you can listen from your browser without having to download the file.  The ebook can be downloaded in a PDF ebook or choose to read it from your browser in a flipbook format that can easily be downloaded when or if you desire. 


How To Stop Smoking Using
Scripture By Margaret Lukasik

Let The Word Work in you and Through you for healing

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture


Get Empowerment From The Scriptures


Margaret Lukasik, Site Author

This is the first study I’ve written on a subject I’ve never experienced. However, the exact Biblical teaching has helped me to overcome the weight loss cycle that had plagued much of my life. The Word is the same and it will accomplish what the Father says it will do!  This exciting new study will empower you to quit smoking if you desire to quit and to attain good health. 

A Message From The Author, Margaret Lukasik...

   As a person who has never smoked in my life, my irritation with smokers took me beyond any understanding of their addiction to nicotine, which is the main ingredient in tobacco.  With the exception of an addiction to eating sugar products over healthy food for many years, I had no idea how addictive smoking can be until I read an article from September 2018 on the National Institute of Drug Abuse Site about nicotine ( drugabuse.gov).

   It said that even though current society focuses upon the epidemic of opioid overdoses, nicotine is still the most powerful example of addiction.  It continued to say that the measure of a drug’s addictive qualities is not how much pleasure (or reward) it causes, but how reinforcing it is. Nicotine does not produce the kind of euphoria or impairment that many other drugs like opioids and marijuana do, yet nicotine’s powerful ability to reinforce its relatively mild rewards results in 480,000 deaths annually. This is not a myth but a reality that can claim your life.


How To Stop Smoking Using Scripture

How To Stop Smoking Using Scripture

Stop Smoking Using Scripture is mixed with specific Biblical principles that focus entirely upon helping you lose the desire to smoke.  Included are winning activities that all work with scripture for a permanent cure to secure  your success.  Use the free DVD that will allow the scripture to accomplish God’s Word in you. 


If you’re already familiar with God’s Word and receiving answered prayer, perhaps the following tips may be all you need to quit smoking!   

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture

Use A Reputable System

If you need extra help, look to your doctor and a reputable 'stop smoking' system to use with scripture and prayer.

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture

Don't look to yourself

Look to God by living the scriptures for your victory rather than looking to yourself through willpower or you'll fail.

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture


Whatever damage smoking has caused your body to suffer, look to the scriptures for healing, good health and well-being.

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture


Take control over your thoughts as God's truth illuminates and transforms your mind with thoughts of good health.

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture


The Word of God brings God's life to your body and problem in Christ Jesus to overcome your smoking habits.

How To Quit Smoking Using Scripture


God's Word will give you the strength to overcome the temptations to smoke with the desire to live healthy.

Reasons to stop smoking

How To Motivate Yourself To live healthy

Although smoking is a very large threat to one’s health, quitting smoking is only one of the ways in which we can protect our health.  The principles given in How To Stop Smoking will help you stop bad habits and addictions to enjoy a long and full life.  

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