Praying For Others Guide Created By Kenneth E. Hagin From The Rhema Church In Oklahoma. It’s Still Used Today!


Praying For Others
Praying For Others

Many Christians have a difficult time praying for others. If you need help a good example that I’ve found is the “the prayer” on the Rhema church prayer request form created by Kenneth Hagin in 1964 who is now deceased. It`s still being used today. Please see below. I have studied Pastor Hagin’s prayer studies and still read them to grow in greater wisdom. They are invaluable to one’s Christian growth and prayer ability, especially when praying for others. See the Kenneth Hagin books below.
Praying For Others

My loving Heavenly Father, I pray earnestly that You will help (name of the person your praying for) to make a total, absolute, and complete surrender of their life to You. I know that you will not make a mistake with any life entrusted fully into Your hands. You won’t permit anything to come into their fully yielded life which is not of Your choosing. You love them so very much, and I now You will not be one moment late in bringing them to their proper appointments in life. For Your precious, indwelling Holy Spirit will continually guide them as You direct, and they shall be guided safely Home. In the Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Kenneth E. Hagin, 1964 | Kenneth W. Hagin, 2014 

Kenneth Hagin Books and Prayer Study Course:






A Study Of The Beatitudes To Make Praying For Others More Effective

Praying For Others
          Praying For Others

How can we insure that we can be a living example of Christ for our family members and others to receive salvation or continue on the right path with God? A great place to begin that will influence the rest of your life for living God’s Word and specific will is to follow the Beatitudes that Jesus taught in Matthew 5:1-12.

Author Steve Byren’s book, “The Cure – Prescription For Life” easily teaches Christians how to overcome the spiritual sickness in each of us that is keeping Christians from living God’s way instead of their own. Steve teaches believers how to follow the Beatitudes on a daily basis to live a life of inner and outer health and continued spiritual growth.

If you desire to live in spiritual health and well-being daily and obtain the peace of Jesus Christ, I highly recommend “The Cure – Prescription For Life.” It was a joy to read and filled with God’s love for all believers. Once you read this life-changing book, you’ll begin to realize a new joy and faith that when you pray for yourself and others, God not only hears you, but He answers you whenever you make a request.

To learn more, go to Steve’s site to read his blog posts and to learn more about His book. When you purchase “The Cure,” you’ll receive FREE lessons from Steve’s sermons to help you succeed with Jesus’ for living a successful Christian life!