Prayers For Protection


Prayers Of Protection Based On Scripture From The Bible

Get ready to build your faith by saying the right prayers for God’s protection over your life, family, neighboods, country and governments! Learn to relax in the power of God’s protection. Keep these prayers on your phone until you can speak your own prayers based upon great faith and trust in God. 

Become Victorious By Praying The Right Prayers!

For Christians everywhere, these prayers aim to serve as a comforting reminder of God’s unwavering presence in our lives and His divine protection over His beloved people. As you speak these prayers for protection, you unleash your faith and trust in the One who holds our lives in His hands.  HOWEVER, SAY THESE PRAYERS WITH THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.  They do no work because you say them, but because God’s Word is true!

In a world plagued by uncertainty and dangers that assail us from every direction, it is only natural to seek refuge and assurance in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. We must remember that our God is not a distant deity, indifferent to our struggles and fears, but rather a loving Father who is intimately acquainted with our every need. Just as a shepherd watches over his flock, God is constantly watching over His children, safeguarding us from harm and guiding us along the path of righteousness.

Note:  When praying always use scripture for the assurance that you are praying for what God has promised to give you. 

Prayers Of Protection In Times Of Danger:

These prayers acknowledge God as the ultimate source of protection and asks for His intervention during times of danger. Prayer 1 draws inspiration from Psalm 91, a passage often associated with God’s divine protection. The reference to angels guarding us in Prayer 1 is based on Psalm 91:11-12, which highlights God’s command to His angels to watch over His people.1

Prayers Of Protection In Times Of Uncertainty and Fear:

Prayer 1 recognizes God as the source of wisdom and guidance during uncertain times. It draws inspiration from James 1:5, which encourages believers to seek God’s wisdom when facing perplexing situations, and Romans 8:28, which assures believers that God works everything together for their good.

Prayers Of Protection In Times Of Illness and Physical Needs:

These prayers acknowledge God as our healer and expresses faith in His ability to restore health. Prayer 1 draws inspiration from James 5:15, which encourages believers to pray for healing and have faith in God’s restorative power.

Prayers Of Protection Over Temptation, Doubt or Hardship:

These prayers acknowledge our dependence on God to help us resist temptations, overcome doubt of our trust in God to help us through hardships. It draws inspiration from 1 Corinthians 10:13, which offers assurance that God will never allow us to face temptations beyond our ability to handle and promises to provide a way out.

Prayers Of Protection Over Relationships:

These prayers acknowledge our dependence on God to watch over our families and to guide us into healthy relationships that won’t take us away from God’s protection and will in our lives. As we respond to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can be assured to know which broken relationships can be fixed and which relationships we need to walk away from for healing.



Through these prayers, we can find solace in the promises of God’s protection and draw strength from His faithful presence in our lives. As we meditate on His word and claim His promises, our hearts are filled with confidence and trust. May these prayers be a reminder of God’s love and care for His people, uplifting our spirits and instilling a deep sense of security in His providence. Amen.

Personal Testimony Of God's Protection:

While I have many instances of God’s intervention over my life for protection, I’ll share my most recent tesimony:

I’ve practiced faith and prayer for protection for many years for myself and family. My father taught me this through his life. I also but faith over where I live, where my children live now as adults, and over my country. I’ve been through many difficult situations, some could have taken my life. I’ve always been thankful that God has always come through for me and my children and their families.

Praying in thankfulness for God’s protection shielded me from a criminal trying to break into my home on one stormy evening when I was alone and asleep. I was alerted by the Holy Spirit that a stranger was at my front door trying to break through it. I could see him through the door’s window, pushing into the door with force while twisting the doorknob back and forth. I had a few minutes or seconds to react for what could be a “life” or “death” situation.

  In Christ, I acknowledged or spiritually saw that man as bound from breaking through the door and then banged on the window, demanding that he leave. The door remained locked, and the enemy fled into the night, apologizing at the same time. The power of God made that man flee from my home. 

The evil working through that stranger knew that he could not break through the impenetrable fortress of a child of God using their authority in Christ. This power and ability is for every believer and it’s always with us, even in our times of distress.  I admonish you to begin practicing your authority in Christ now. It could save your life or a family member’s.

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