Pray To Get Results Not To Just Hope That God Hears and Will Answer You


Praying For Others
Pray To Get Results

There are many books and articles about how to achieve answered prayer consistently but for many Christians that same information is pushing them away from God rather than toward Him.  Why?  Because they’re not being taught the principle of resting in Christ based upon the doctrine of the key of the cross.

Without realizing it, Christians are looking to self to get answers to their prayers rather than to Jesus.  Based upon man-made doctrines, Christians are taught that if they follow the principles of prayer and confess that they have what they’ve prayed for, they’ll receive answered prayer.  But there’s a missing element in this teaching that means the difference between answered prayer and prayers which seem to go unheard.

God answers all of our prayers, even when it appears that He wasn’t listening to us.  For instance, if we don’t know the Word and ask for something that isn’t a promise such as to have what belongs to someone else by God taking it from them, we’re going to get an answer, but not one that we wish to listen to or acknowledge.  It would be easier just to say that God didn’t answer us, when in truth we heard that small still voice within the spirit saying that God won’t steal for us or do wrong on our behalf or for any reason.  It’s isn’t a part of His nature.  This of course, is an exaggerated example, but it gets the message across that we have to pray in line with scripture.

There are times when Christians believe they didn’t receive an answer to prayer because they’re using the wrong form of prayer or God’s answer isn’t in the way they’re expecting.  We have to be attune to God when we pray, but this isn’t the main reason most Christians don’t receive answered prayer.  It’s because they’re looking to themselves!

Many churches don’t teach their congregation how to pray, but if they do, they don’t emphasize that if we look to ourselves rather than Christ for anything we do in His Name, we’re performing a “dead work.”  This is why I teach prayer principles combined with the key of the cross doctrine.  I’ve created a course on the key of the cross doctrine, but I have yet to do the same for faith and prayer.  However, I’ve added the key of the cross principles to my classic book about Dynamic Faith and Prayer to help Christians get past this barrier of “dead works.”  My husband and I are centering our podcast series on this doctrine because it’s the foundation for learning anything from God’s Word.

Hebrews 6:1 (KJV) Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works.

If you’re not receiving answered prayer and you already know scriptural faith and prayer principles, our Key of the Cross Study will enlightening you on the subjects of “dead works” and “resting in Christ” to accelerate your position for answered prayer.  However, if you’re new to the Word and you don’t have an understanding about scriptural prayer combined with the kind of faith needed to receive answered prayer, the “Dynamic Faith and Prayer Study” is for you.

God desires that you pray to get results!  So take time to learn God’s Word to the fullest and you’ll always be blessed.  Time spent with God is always a treasure!