Breaking Down The Sweet Nature Of God
To Better Understand His Love and Live It Daily


The Sweetness Of GodSharon Palmer’s writing is uniquely inspirational because it’s God inspired!  Her heart is revealed on every page of each of her mini books that illuminate specific subjects about the Bible.  Her book, The Sweetness Of God is no exception.  It holds the same exuberance and joy that I felt in her first book that I read, There Comes A Time… 

I love to read books that prove with the author’s life the validity of what they claim. I’m a Christian so I believe what the Bible teaches, but I don’t like reading about how to live the Word of God by author’s who clinically or intellectually share the Word without relating to it in any way. Sharon doesn’t disappoint. What you get in this short but sweet and lovely book is the strength of God in her life.

There is no doubt that Sharon writes about what she’s lived concerning the subjects of her books.  She has the ability to write with great intelligence, yet her message is relatable and easy to follow.  Her sensitively to God’s Word allows her to share the things of God with simplicity and ease for quick learning rather than feeling unable to grasp the scriptures she shares.  

I currently wrote a review on “The Sweetness of God” on Barnes and Noble and this website which is much longer.  To learn more about Sharon’s books you can visit her website, my review page or Barnes & Noble.  I encourage you to get this book if you’re looking for more than inspiration. It offers encouragement, enlightenment about spiritual things such as praying in the spirit, which isn’t often discussed. 

Sharon Palmer is a great teacher of God’s Word. The Sweetness of God is a powerful little book that impacts one’s life to love and learn more about the different facets of God’s character. She extends this teaching to show how to reflect God’s character in our lives daily. I highly recommend this book for all Christians and for those not sure about God and His love for mankind.  Read it and become powerful in God’s Sweetness! 


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