Has God Forsaken You?

[rev_slider slider27] DO YOU EVER THINK THAT GOD HAS FORSAKEN YOU? Where Is God In The Midst Of Your Troubles? It's my desire and joy that my fellow Christians find…

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Scriptural Healing Faith Message

Scriptural Healing Faith Message Series Part 2   Return To Christian Healing Studies SCRIPTURAL HEALING FAITH MESSAGE NO. 7: Words Are Powerful Matthew 12:36-37  “Let me tell you something: Every one…

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Women Who Met Jesus

The Adulteress - Women Who Met Jesus Volume I - A Familiar Bible Story Comes to Life in a Whole New Way! An Exciting Christian Story by Author Lucinda Weeks…

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Healing From Adultery

Healing From Adultery In A Marriage Where The Husband Was Cheating With Men Acacia Slaton is a name in the Christian world of writing who chooses to use her life…

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Affirmation For Success

AFFIRMATION FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR DAILY LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST For The Peace Of Jesus Christ   The way to obtain success in the areas of life where you are…

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Baby In Christ

Grow Up From Being a Baby In Christ There are many ways we can waste time that keep us from fulfilling God's will in our lives.  There is one way…

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Will God Bless You?

Will God Bless You After You've Lived A Life Of Sin and Selfishness? God loves everyone!  No matter what a person has done in life, if they're repentant and ask…

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Life Purpose Biographies

I Just Created A New Section Titled, Life Purpose Biographies, To Help Christians Realize The Importance Of Life Purpose Fulfillment   I wanted to share a video to help inspire…

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