Overcome Fear To Heal

Many times it’s fear that leads us to the very thing we’re afraid of overcoming us. In the case of sickness or disease it’s the fear of the health issues and related treatments that can keep healing at a distance in our minds. Therefore, we must deal with the fear before asking God to protect us or heal us. Today you’re going to learn how to be spiritually protected from anything or anyone that tries to bring the fear of illness upon you. God tells us in Matthew 6:25-34 that He is always taking care of us.

Heal From Coronavirus Fear



Sometimes people wonder why God hasn’t healed them.  First, for God to be involved in your life, you need to believe that He exists.  If you can’t believe that Jesus’ shed His blood on the cross for your sins, for eternal life in heaven, for blessings that cover all of your needs including healing, then you can’t receive anything from God. 

Hebrews 11:6 
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

We can’t receive anything from God without faith.  Hover over the following two verses about having faith in God to reinforce Hebrews 11:6.   2 Corinthians 5:7  |  James 1:6   These three verses explain that without faith we can’t please or communicate with God.  We have to trust Him without sight or using any sense knowledge.

People look at God from the world’s point of view in many ways, including how we receive from Him.  However, we have to understand God according to Who He is and how He wants us to receive from Him which is described in the Bible. There are Christians who believe that when it comes to God’s Word, our actions are the catalyst to our receiving from God. They believe that when they pray, they receive because of their action of asking, rather than because they’re following God’s Word and receiving by grace. 

No one is good enough to pray and receive from God based upon what they do!  We receive because we have faith in what Christ has already done for us on the cross.  If Christians could see this truth, they could override the fear of sickness or anything by faith in God’s Word.  We’re empowered in Christ to live the blessings and promises it provides believers. 

Expecting To Receive From God Overcomes Fear   

We ask for things in the physical world daily and we usually get them such as items from the store, favors or help from others and more.  We expect to receive what we go after throughout our days and nights. Yes, there are times where we aren’t so confident, but when it comes to general living, we expect life to go a certain way. This is how we should look to God after we pray. 

We should expect to receive from God because He is our provider and protector. It can be easy to be caught up in looking to self rather than in what Christ did for mankind on the cross, but when we do, we can have the assurance God always provides what we need including healing. Believing this from the heart takes away the fear that can grip the mind and cause emotions to take over rather than trusting in God’s Word. 

Looking to the Word is looking to Jesus, and as you do, you can overcome the fear that is keeping you sick. Jesus came to make your burdens light!  Give Him your burden of fear, then ask God to heal you.  You’ll have strong faith rather than wavering faith.


How You Can Overcome Fear To Heal Conclusion

 If you feel worried that God won’t heal you, do these 4 things immediately. 

  1. The very first thing to do before you pray is to give your burden of fear to Jesus.  He invites us to give Him our burdens so that we don’t have to be weighted down with them.  Matthew 11:28-30
  2. Confess scripture that promises healing and get it into your heart before and after prayer.
  3. Pray and ask God for healing or to prevent you from getting sick.
  4. Confess day and night that you walk in perfect and divine health from the top of your head to the souls of your feet.  Make it a habit to praise and thank God even after you have received your request.      

God’s Word has power and it will actually transform your thinking as you speak it and act upon it to overcome looking to yourself rather than God for good health, healing or any need you have.  God never lets His people down.  Some of us weren’t taught how to receive from God.  But now you know.  It’s time you take what belongs to you in Christ.  


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